Truckin On Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone (insert echo)

First off, my thoughts and prayers go out too all families affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing which occurred yesterday.

I definitely had one of those ‘going through the motions’ days.  I had a rough time emerging from my bed couch this morning (yes, I passed out watching Friends on Nick at Night).  I managed to get in at 7:30 which is always a good feeling because that means I get to leave at 4 instead of 4:30.  It was a slow day at work so I did lots of browsing on one of my favorite time killing websites: Pinterest.  I naturally pinned some jewelry and clothing which I will never buy for myself but will gladly accept if anyone wants to donate to the ‘Lauren Has No Taste in Style or Accessories’ Fund 😀



After window shopping for things I can’t afford, I thought I’d get my eat on.  Today’s menu included some of the following:

breakfast concoction

Breakfast Concoction: 2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, chopped basil, onions, mushrooms, avocado, and some Goya Salsa Verde Medium.  Oh and how can I forget the three fantastic cups of coffee I chugged to go with it?  Wegman’s Hawaiian Coconut Ground Coffee is the beverage of choice for now.  Saw that awesome flavor the other night and decided to plop that into my shopping cart, I regret nothing.



Lunchable Items: Shredded Chicken (slow cooked with Pineapple Salsa and  leftover Chicken Broth)–you can’t see it bc it’s on the bottom of the plate, half a sweet potato (sharing the other half of the bottom of the plate), baby leaf spinach, broccoli slaw, avocado, coconut shreds, chopped radish, dressed with Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch Sauce.  Thank you  Julie GoLean for the recipe and helping me discover my new obsession with Tessemae’s Sauces.


Leftover Dinner Creation (wine not included): That would be roasted string beans, butternut squash and some ground bison beef all delicately placed in a fine plastic container heated in the most delicate death-defying rays of a microwave.  All of this was tossed in Tessemae’s Hot Sauce and Lemon Chesapeake Sauce.   I can not forget to mention that classy glass of wine to compliment and accentuate the rubber taste of my fake heated dinner.  It is some Bordeaux de bleh blah fancy white wine grandmother so graciously left for me from Easter (unopened).  It’s pretty delightful- has a crisp light pear taste but not sugary at all.  There will definitely be a second glass in my future this evening :).

Somewhere in between the  lunchable and leftover creation dinner I had a protein shake. I’m super sad because I think one of the whey protein powders I am using is causing some SUPER stomach issues.  Not even 10 minutes after I have downed the delicious “dessert” I feel like my stomach is hosting an MMA fight.  More on my dairy issues and protein powder problems in another post.

Once I got home from work I decided to indulge in my daily hour post-work nap.  If it weren’t for naps, I probably would not be able to muster up the energy to work out in the evenings haha.  Once I rolled off my couch and got my lumpy butt to the gym I decided that today was going to be a strict quick lifting session for the flabby man arms:

Warm Up:  Elliptical for 10 mins at a moderate pace

Chest, Biceps, and Triceps Workout:

Super Set:
DB Chest Press – 1x 20, 2x 12
Seated Shoulder Press – 1×15, 2x 10

Super Set:
Cable Cross Overs – 2×12
Single Arm Cable Triceps Extension – 2×10

Super Set:
Seated Bicep Curls: 2×20
Single Arm Standard Triceps Extensions – 2×10

Super Set:
Assisted Pull-Up Machine – 3×10
Assisted Dips – 3×10

Kettl eBell Front Lateral Raise – 3×10

Abs SuperSet:
Hanging Bicycle Individual Leg Extensions – 3×20
Overhead Weighted Side-to-Side Bends: 3×15  (Grasp a weight with both hands and hold weight over your head, stand with legs together and keeping lower body as still as possible bend from side to side (lean left once, lean right once, this equals x1).
Body Weight Side-to-Side twists – 3×20

This workout is definitely not brag-worthy but as always, it feels good to slam some weights around instead of frumping around on my couch for the night.

Hope Everyone has a good rest of what’s left of their Tuesday Night! Before I sign off, I shall leave you all with a “funny”



If anyone is actually reading this thing, any suggestions how to connect better with other bloggers? I’m still learning how this whole blogging process works.  Thanks for the input!



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