Happy Friday Workout

Happy Friday!

Anyone else counting down the minutes until 4:30pm?   I wanted to share my workout from Wednesday because it was just SUPAH-SWEATY!

If anyone actually reads this, I will give you an overview of what my  training schedule consists of throughout the week:

Mondays: Run

Tuesdays: Lifting-no cardio

Wednesdays: Weighted Plyo

Thursdays: Off

Friday: Run

Saturday: Weights and Plyo

Sunday: Off

I usually weight lift 3-4 times per week but for now I run twice per week because I’m registered for the Baltimore 10 miler in June.   Technically you could say that I’m “training” for this race but that would be a lie.  I’m an EXTREME fair-weather runner (pun intended) and Maryland has decided that it wants to be crappy during the spring months.  Crappy weather = No running for this girl.

Wednesday, I did a weighted plyo type of workout.  My t-shirt was soaked in sweat at the end, I loved it.


Jump Rope (total of 5 minutes)

After 1st minute, do 15 Body Weighted (BW) Squats, 10 BW walking lunges each leg, 10 walking high knees each leg
After 2nd minute, 10 BW Squats, 10 Walking Lunges each leg, 10 walking high kneees, 10 walking butt kicks
After 3rd minute, 10 walking high knees, 10 walking butt kicks
After 4th minute, 10 leg swings front and back, 10 leg swings side-to-side
After 5th minute, freelance stretch

Set #1
(3 Rounds total)

1st Round= 25 reps per exercise, 2nd round = 20 reps per exercise, 3rd round= 15 reps per exercise
-Jump Rope for one minute
-Box Jumps
-Hand Release Push-Ups Demo Video
-Mountain Climbers (each leg)

Perform 5 Rounds Total:

-Jump Rope for 1 minute
-Deadlift x 15 Demo Video
-Kettlebell Swings x 15  Demo Video
-Single Leg Split Squats x 15 each leg Demo Video

I fo sho had the post-workout endorphine high that fitness fanatics boast about.

Today I’m going to do a run on my lunch break :
6 mile run interval
each mile–  run for 1/2 mile, sprint 1/4 mile,  jog 1/4 mile

If anyone decides to give the workout a go, let me know what you think?

Oh and yeah and I forgot to mention, I’m one of these running clowns:

My Vibrams!

My Vibrams!

I feel like a little hippy when I run in these.  And if there is a piece of equipment to make running more fun or interesting, I’m all about it.

Anyone else out there a Toe Shoe Runner? What are you thoughts about running in Toe Shoes?

Hope you all have a great weekend 😀 and keep praying for Boston ❤



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