Give A Girl the Right Shoes…

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Surprisingly I did not wake up on the wrong side of the bed for not falling asleep until 1am and it being a Monday morning!  I’m on my second cup of coffee and..well it’s a life saver 🙂 And if anyone is a coconut fanatic like myself, I highly recommend this coffee to anyone who has a Wegman’s nearby:

Deliciousness in a bag

My weekend flew by as usual but Saturday was a blast.   It was definitely worth staying up until 2:40 in the morning haha.  I went to the gym in the early afternoon to do a straight leg lifting meat head session.  I was NOT feeling it AT ALL.  Legs are my favorite body part to work so I know something is wrong when I’m not enjoying a good leg day.  Here was my workout:

Warm-Up:  Stationary Upright Bike – 10 minutes

DB Lunges: 3 x 20 each leg (e.l.)
Seated Leg Curl: 3 x 15
DB Calf Raise: 3 x 20
DB Step-Ups: 3 x 121 e.l.
Weighted Hip Thrusts: 3 x 10  Demo Video (

Super Set:
Box Jump: 3 x 25
Medicine Ball  Mt. Climbers: 3 x 20 —
(Balance yourself in a plank position on a medicine ball.   Alternate bringing your left knee into your left elbow and back to the floor, then do the same with the right knee. This is 1 rep).

Super Set:
Back Extenstions: 3 x 12, 15, 20
Lying leg lifts (holding weighted bar with extended arms over your chest): 3 x 20

As I mentioned above, I was NOT have a good gym day.  Each rep on each exercise was a struggle.  I was feeling pretty deadbeat last week (not sure if it’s due to allergy season or a cold coming on) either way, I had zero energy.  Those days are always the worst, especially when your gym session is something you look forward to each day.  If anything, it made me appreciate the fact that I was all finished at the end.

Right after I finished my workout, I went back to get ready for my first ORIOLES game of the season.  They played the LA Dodgers and this was the first time in my life I’ve attended a game where the O’s won!  I was even more excited because they had Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy in a Tall Boy can.  Anyone else a super huge fan of this delicious beer?  Definitely a nice refreshing drink for the warm weather, even though Saturday night was not so warm haha.

Summertime Deliciousness

Summertime Deliciousness


          After the game I went to Mamma’s On the Half Shell in Canton.  Anyone that is ever in the Baltimore area, I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant if you’re into seafood.  I have never been disappointed with any item I’ve ordered off of their menu.  I had the Tuna Tar Tare appetizer which was a meal in itself.  For any of your drinkers out there, they make a DELICIOUS orange crush and a good n spicy Bloody Mary as well.  Here’s their Menu.  After dinner, I visited a friend of mine who lived in the area..conveniently 2 blocks away from where I ate dinner and caught up with her.  After returning home around 2:30 in the morning, I immediately fell asleep when I got home. I may or may not have emerged from the bed until 1pm Sunday … oops 🙂  After I ran some errands and had some lunch, I may or may not have napped for another solid 2 hours… oops again haha.  But hey, I’m a mid-20’s non-married, childless, petless girl; I’m gonna take advantage of all this free downtime and get the sleep while I can!  All those mothers out there proclaim if they could have one thing it would either be 10 minutes alone to themselves or an uninterrupted nap!  Unfortunately the adult in me feels guilty because I could have been doing something ‘more productive’.  Too bad.

Since today is Monday and I’m actually more energized than I anticipated, I will be doing a long run as my workout for tonight.  I’m shooting for 8 miles at a leisurely place.  Hopefully I won’t feel half as sluggish as I did last Friday when I did my 6 mile interval run.  I was  MIZ-erable.  I think that was the restless week catching up with my body though.  Speaking of running, as I metioned in a previous post, I am registered for the Baltimore 10 miler on June 15th.  Of course we all know what that means……….NEW SHOES !  Lucky for me, I have a visa prepaid card on it’s way in the mail courtesy of Verizon Fios because of a 2 year contract I agreed to earlier this year.  I tend to cycle out my shoes.  I have my old ratty pair which I dub my “sh** kickers” and then I have my gym shoes.  The sh** kickers are for any muddy, dusty, grimey work or activities.   They smell, they’re ripped, they are dirty, but I am not ready to let go of them.  My gym shoes are in acceptable condition.  They are starting to stank, have some bounce left in them, but are definitely ready to retire to sh** kicker status in the near future.  Once I purchase a new pair of sneakers, I throw out the sh** kickers, the gym shoes become the new sh** kickers, and the new shoes are for the gym and occasional runs.  I’m torn between which pair of shoes I want to get:

These Guys??

These Guys??

pink shoes

Or These Guys?

My current sh** Kickers are the Pink Shoes only in neon yellow.  They are my ultimate favorite sneakers I have ever owned, the color, the feel, the cushion, the light weight, EV-ER-Y-THING.  Only problem is that the girl in me can’t buy the same exact thing twice in a row!  Plus, I like pink, but an entire PINK shoe? It’s a tad aggressive.  I’m leaning towards the black ones for now, but we shall see when I try them on if they are as amazing feeling as the pink ones below. Regardless I’m looking forward to getting some new shoes, I always enjoy my workouts that much more when I have some new kicks to show off :-).   It’s amazing how a new pair of shoes can brighten your life.  Am I the only one who feels that way?  To quote Marilyn Monroe:

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. M. Monroe

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.
M. Monroe


Well I think that is enough jabber for today.  Time to go eat some lunch, nom nom nom.

Question for today: Which shoes make you feel like you can conquer the world?



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