Pandora’s Horrible Box

It’s Fridaaaaaaayyyy!!!  And it’s not raining!!! Or Cold!!!! In MARYLAND!!  Oh right, but I’m locked down to this cube farm for about 6 more hours *humph*

I hope everyone is having a great week.  I am definitely stoked about my run after work today for two reasons:

1.) I’m no longer at the mercy of Pandora’s playlist picks for music when I run

2.) The weather that I mentioned in my opening line (exclamation points included)

***************************Long Boring Story Leading Up To Why I’ve Been Stuck With Pandora For The Past Year************************

I have a long drawn out story for you if you feel like reading:  I have owned a total of 4 Apple products in my life (2 nanos, 1 iPod touch, and currently the iPhone 4s).  Back when I decided to upgrade from my 2nd Nano to the iPod touch, I tried to do what any normal young 20 something would do when they receive an upgraded product: try to load all iTunes nano files onto iPod touch.  What I thought was a fairly painless process turned out to be the 2nd largest disappointment of my life –finding out Santa was not real would still hold the #1 spot.

Back to the iTunes:  so I hooked up my iPod touch to my computer with the mindset that iTunes will detect a new Apple device and ask what exactly I want to do with this thing.  So as expected I get a message from iTunes saying that it detected a new device and ‘ok’ed’ my way through the standard new software/new device setup.  After this was completed and before I decided to load my files on to my new iPod, I thought it’d be best if I synced the nano first–why I found this was necessary when I think back back now, I have no clue.  So I remove the iPod and hook up the nano, “sync in progress” it reads on iTunes.  Once it was finished synching, I received a pop-up reading something along the lines of “which device would you like to be your ‘main’ device?”.  So I selected the iPod Touch and up came another pop-up: “would you like to sync and restore your device?”  Obviously not logically thinking this through, I decided that “yes” would be the correct answer.  A red flag should have popped in my head when I received an immediate following pop-up: “are you sure?” … “yes” I clicked.  And in about 30 seconds, my 300 some song filled itunes library was completely blank.  I didn’t know whether to cry or scream out of sadness and anger.  So for the past 3 years, karma has bit me in the butt as I may have used other forms of music download sites in the past and let’s just say I saved a lot of money. But ever since my delete extravaganza, I’ve had to buy each and every single song that is on my current itunes … sad I cry dollar signs.

Fast forward to now, my iPod touch is on it’s last leg which currently is the device which holds all of my songs, and I have my iPhone, which up until Wednesday,  I had yet to plug in to my computer via the USB cord and go through the new apple device setup in iTunes.  I have avoided doing this for so long mainly in fear that I would delete all of my songs again (which were paid for by my hard earned money).  Oh yeah, and that thing called laziness 😀

Now I’m not sure how much I have shared about my runs lately, but each and every one of them this past month has SUCKED! They sucked SO BAD I just wanted to stop dead in my tracks, sit down indian style on the sidewalk and scream “I FEEL LIKE A HEFFER!!!”  Of course I was adding fuel to the fire because I decided to download the RunKeeper app (it’s Fo Free!) and it likes to read your pace every 1/2 mile.  Any runners out there know that if you’re having a bad run, the last thing you want to do is hear how slow you are at EVERY 1/2 mile.  On top of the the slow sally pace,  and at the mercy of Pandora selecting which songs play during my workouts, Pitbull Radio was NOT in my favor.  It seems when I go to the gym and lift weights, I don’t necessarily NEED a specific beat speed, the best running songs come on.  When I run, or do cardio, all of the lamest slowest and dumbest songs that I DESPISE (even after hitting the thumbs down button multiple times) decide to play back-to-back-toback-to-back.

What I feel like after my runs recently  >:(

What I feel like after my runs recently 😡

Well, after my UBER slow run Monday night, I started questioning why I was so MIZZerable during my runs, as usually warm weather running makes me feel awesome.  For starters, Maryland’s April weather has been like an emotional teenage girl–unpredictable, cold, and annoying. That right there is enough to make me cuss every step of the way. In addition to that, I never realized just HOW MUCH I am in sync with the music I listen to during a workout.  As I mentioned above, the songs that came on Pandora’s crap radio were slow and lame,  my downloaded running songs on the dying iPod have a faster paced beat, which helps me keep a pace that I am content with.  So after I finished my run (which was FREEZING COLD) I immediate grabbed the usb cord, plugged my iPhone in, registered it, and called my bf who is very tech-savy (bonus!).  He walked me through the steps to load my itunes on my phone and NOT delete them permanently :-D. Needless to say I’m SUPER excited for my run because not only will I be listening to music I like, but it will be to a beat which I will have a better view of just how little or much I can keep up with. I will report back to all of you in another post.

*********************END LONG ITUNES DEVICE SAGA*********************************************************************************

I hate that running is such a mental game for me.  Some days I LOVE it, other days I want to punch it in the face.  Part of my hatred for it, is that I still have it shoved in the back of my head from College Lacrosse days that I have to run until I’m blue in the face at ALL times.  This post college working out for enjoyment VS. 100% give it your all until you can’t breathe is still a learning process for me. It has taken a solid 4-5 years post college experience to really grasp the mentality that the only person I need to compare myself to is myself.  Who cares if I can’t run a mile in a specified amount of time?  Who cares if the person next to me at the gym is running at a faster pace than me?  I’m sure I always will have some sort of mental battle with trying to find a balance to improve my personal goals, versus being frustrated because I can’t run like I used to be able to in High School and College.  For now I just have to keep reminding myself that something is better than nothing on my slow days, and that I have to keep participating in activities which I enjoy, not because I feel I HAVE to.  I’ll have a long drawn out post on that one day.  But not just yet 🙂

So on that note, here’s to hoping that with the return of my running playlist and the weather, I will have a super awesome run today and all will be perfect in the world !   Someone just said Chipotle for lunch… time to ditch youall for a fat kid snack!

One last thing, I see a lot of bloggers have “themes” for specific days of the week.  I think my Friday “Theme” will be “Funny Fridays.”  If I could make an eCard, it’d read, “I’ don’t want to hear your joke, I’ve had enough laughing for the day” -Said No One Ever.  So here’s your Friday Funny (thank you Pinterest:

I dare you to try an not chuckle

I dare you to try an not chuckle

Courtesy of SNL Celebrity Jeopardy Skit.

Have a great weekend!



2 responses to “Pandora’s Horrible Box

  • Holly at Everyday's a 'Hollyday'

    last thing you want to do is hear how slow you are at EVERY 1/2 mile <– Could not agree MORE! I have the same app & love it…but I TURNED THAT DARN THING OFF! I did not like knowing my pace, only because, like you said if it was a crappy day I didn't want to hear my pace….only to find out I was running like a turtle 😉
    & it's super annoying on speed days – like I do quarter mile repeats & the pace obviously is off because I go all out for a 1/4 then just run for a 1/4 & repeat…many times. haha!

    • narnar1086

      It’s such a love/hate relationship with that app. I love that I know the exact distance and pace I’m going, but DESPISE that info on my snail days. I’m so lazy and spacey when I use my iPhone apps…after having that runkeeper app for about 3 weeks, it JUST dawned on me this past Wednesday to ‘fix’ those settings haha. I like that 1/4 mile speed workout of yours..I’ll have to give that a try! Thanks!

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