Giant Slice of Pizza with a Workout Catch UP

Hello Everyone,

Since my last post, I apologize that up until Saturday, nothing too eventful happened that I felt was necessary to share.  But now that the weekend has passed, I will gladly give you all a reflection starting with some workouts I enjoyed.

Wednesday – Plyo Day

Round 1
10 Minutes as many rounds as possible:
Hang Clean with Front Squat – 10 reps
Lateral Medicine Ball Jumps – 10 reps each leg
Push-Ups – 10 reps
Bench Dips – 10 reps

Round 2 (repeat set 5 times)
Hang Clean and Press – 20 reps
Box Jumps – 20 reps
Push-Ups – 5 reps

Round 3 (repeat set 3 times)
Hanging Leg Raises (legs together) – 15 reps
Side Plank Left – 30 seconds
Side Plank Right – 30 seconds

Apparently I still have some sensitive spots on my rather “weathered” hands because I noticed this annoyance when I was leaving:

Pain in the Booty!

Pain in the Booty!

Thursday I had a happy hour after work with some employees.  Lucky for me I live exactly 3 miles from the  “Main Street” area of my suburbia town which was where the happy hour was being held.  The weather was nice (0r so I thought) so I figured it’d be an ideal opportunity to get a 6 mile run in for the evening.  The run to the bar was nice because the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze.  The run home was not so ideal since the sun went down and the wind picked up :-$.  Dang Maryland!  Regardless, I was happy I managed to squeeze in 6 miles that day.Friday took and interesting turn.  I managed to get a solid 7 hours of sleep the night before, which has been very rare ever since I told you all about going into work a tad earlier.  I woke up feeling refreshed, ready to get the work day over with and  get my weekend started. I brought my gym clothes with me in excitement to do a weighted plyo workout.  11 am rolled around and I was hungry.  I decided to microwave a sweet potatoe.  The sweet potatoe did not cook all the way through so there were a couple of hard spots right smack in the center.  I’ve made the mistake of eating raw sweet potatoe before and wanting to die of nasea and acid-reflux type symptoms.  So I thought I would be smart and discard the very hard spots.  Well after eating the majority of what I thought were the “safe” mushy parts of the baked potatoe, I started to get a feeling of nausea settling in.  Uh ohj.  About 2 hours worth of wanting to throw up and chug a gallon of milk to add a base to the acidic feeling in my upper rib cage, it all disappeared.  Needless to say I was not too hungry to eat anything for the remainder of the work day.  Enter work out.  I still was not hungry, but I could definitely feel that this workout needed to be quick because I was losing energy FAST.  Enter Workout:

Friday Quickie:
Repeat 5 times:
-Jump Rope for 1 minutes
-20 Body Weighted Squats
-5 Walking Lunges each leg
-Walking High Kneees
-Walking Butt Kicks

Set of 30, Set of 20, Set of 10:
-BarBell Push Press
-Box Jumps
-Push Ups
-Sit Ups

Last Workout Post:


3 Rounds:
-BarBell Squats-24 reps
-Push-24 reps
-DB Walking Lunges – 24 reps (12/leg)
-Box Jumps-24

1 Giant Set of 20 Reps per Exercise:
-Bosu ball toe touches: Place a bosu ball (flat side on the ground). Start with right foot on top center of bosu, left foot on the floor. All in one motion, switch leg positions so that your left foot ends on the top cetner of the bosu, and the right foot on the floor. One right foot touch to the center followed by one left foot touch to the center equals one rep.  (20 reps total). If you ever played soccer, consider this a “toe touch” drill.
-KettleBell Swings
-Bosu ball toe touches
-Overhead Squats
-Bosu Ball Toe Touches
-Bosu Ball Toe Touches
-Hang Clean and Squat
-Bosu Ball Toe Touches
-Assisted Pull-Ups
-Bosu Ball Toe Touches

Fun fact about the pull-ups.  I was feeling rather rambunctious and decided to see just how difficult it would be to do an unassisted pull-up.  I gave it a whirl and was actually able to do one full pull-up!  I got about 1/2 way up on my second one and got stuck.  I have not been able to do an unassisted pull up since 5th grade.  I was rather excited to reach that milestone once again.

Saturday my friends and I were down in the DC area for a 5k on Sunday Morning.  My boyfriend was nice enough to put up with these Shenanigans in the car:


Flood Ready


Around 1:30 we were all feeling old and decided we should go to bed since we had to get up early the next morning for our 5k.  But before we turned in, we decided to get a ‘little’ slice of pizza:

Giant Pizza

Oh and by little I meant a slice of pizza on steroids. It was delicious haha.

Sunday we had our 5k run, and then a lot napping.  My lovely boyfriend was nice enough to make me dinner before I left for the day:

Sunday DinnerFinally, I went grocery shopping a 9 last night (yes I love late night grocery shopping because you don’t have to dodge all the mommys with their strollers) I picked up some of these guys:  KombuchaThis is my new favorite drink.  It’s like carbonated iced tea…well actually it’s fermented tea if we ‘re going to decribe its true form.  It almost tastes like a hard cider  …which is funny, I don’t like hard cider. But  I do like this stuff!  I encourage you all to give Kombucha a whirl … it’s not for everyone, but you’re either gonna love it or hate it.

Thats all for now.  Does anyone else enjoy late night grocery shopping? If so, what for?



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