Meeehhhhh Monday


Since its Monday and I have my game face on, let’s treat this blog post like a sweet mullet:  business up front, party in the back (last).

Business:  Workout Catch-Up

Tuesday: Weighted Plyo, was pressed for time and had to fit in everything just under 1 hour.

Now I have to remember what I did…crap!  Uhhhhh I know it’s in the back of my brain somewhere…just give me a couple more minutes and it will come back to me…AH! there it is:

-Warm Up: Row for 5 mins

Round 1 (complete circuit 4 times)
-BB Deadlift: 10 reps
-Burpees with jump at the end: 10
-BB Hip Thrusters: 10  Video Demo
-Alternating Toe Touches with Step: 20 each leg
*Get step bench. Put on ground. Start with right foot on top of bench platform, left foot on floor.  In a hopping motion switch leg positions so left foot is now on top of bench platform and right foot is on ground.  1 toe touch on the bench from the left, and 1 toe touch on the bench from the right =1 rep

Round 2 (complete circuit 3 times)
-Pull-Ups (using assisted machine cuzzzz I still can’ barely do one pull up unassisted): 10 reps
-Dips (using assisted machine): 10 reps
-DB “a$$ to grass” Squats: 15 reps

Round 3 (complete circuit 3 times)
-Hanging Knee Tucks to ribs (hang with arms above, do not use the back and arm rest) :10 reps
-Weighted Side bends: 10 reps

Wednesday: 7 mile run …another turtle paced run.

I out-smarted my Run-Keeper app this time by turning off the half mile/ 5 minute reminders of how sluggish I was moving-WIN! I decided to not only take the “hilly” course for my run, but I also continued straight where I usually turn right. There are two GIGANTIC hills that were added to the other hills I tend to go through on this route. Was not as rough as I thought it would be. The worst part about the run was that my turnaround point was right in front of the KFC/Taco Bell building. I love me some fat kid snack aromas, but in the midst of profuse sweating and thigh clapping, the last smell I want going up my nose would be Colonel Sander’s Kitchen making babies with Seniorita 4th Meal. Anyone else pass food joints that you normall think smell delicious but on their runs get completely turned off at the aroma of the building when passing by?

Thursday: Shoulders/Triceps/Abs Straight Weights

Warm Up: 10 min Row
-Machine Chest Press: 3x 15, 12, 8
-Plank hold for 30 secs in between sets
-Incline BB bench press: 3 x 15, 10, 8
-Hold Plank Position on Med Ball, Alternate brining knee to elbow, 1 left, 1 right = 1 rep, 10 reps (do in between incline bench set)
-BB Shoulder Press: 3x 15, 10, 8
-Lying Leg Lifts: 3 x 15 (do in between BB Shoulder Press)
-Chest Flies: 3x 12, 10, 8
-Weight Side to Side Bends: 3 x 15 (do in between chest flies set)
-Overhead Tricep Extensions: 3 x 12, 8, 6
-Overhead Hanging Knee Tucks: 3 x 10 -in between tri extension
-Token Tricep Extension (kneeling on bench one arm at a time ) – 3 x 10
-Tricep Bench Dips (with weight in lap): 3 x 10
-Cable Tricep Extensions: 3x 12, 10, 8

Sooo now it’s the party in the back time:

Friday was rather low key, I did just about absolutely nothing. The highlight of my day was ordering this giant headband which I’m sure will emphasize my clown look in the gym:

big-ol headband

big-ol headband


Ummm Saturday was lovely, I went out to buy mother’s day stuff.  I have a confession to make, I did a horrible thing Saturday.  You see, earlier in the week I was browing the card section for a Mother’s Day card.  One of the cards I picked up and read had a GREAT message in it which is rare these days..buuuut the card was $5.99.  😡   it was not even pretty! It had this awful color scheme with HORRIBLE flowers on it.  Soooooo I may have snapped a pic of the message and went to michaels and made my own card……  it looked MUCH better my way 😀


Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there.  Hope you felt appreciated and had a nice relaxing day.  My dad took al lof the pictures at our family affair so I do not have any pictures to post.  I need to take more pictures.

Ok well my life is boring to blog about lately I apologize… so here are some funny pictures:

I love redneck jokes

I love redneck jokes

pizza wind


…. you can find all of these lovlies and more on



Ok thanks for reading.   Here’s my question to anyone reading my boring diary:

What is your hair accessory/product of choice to keep your strands back during a workout?









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