White Girl Problems #1


Sorry I did not post last week, I was a Super Debbie Downer and I decided to put down the laptop before I complained and brought my negativity into the blog world.  In a nutshell of last week, I got a “we went with someone else for the position” email after I had an interview  and it was for a job I REALLY wanted. But that sucks, such is life.  I keep hoping the phrase “he has something better in mind” is what is in the works.  Anyone know how to get a job with the National Institutes of Health?  I am trying to get back into the health administration business field but NOT in a medical office..been there done that..no career ladder.

My workouts last week were all “going through the motions” as my mind was just super disappointed so unfortunately the only workout from last week worth sharing (barely worth) is this quick little guy which was great for Friday in the middle of my work day.  You know that phrase, “something is better than nothing?” this workout is a practice of that phrase:

2.5 mile run total:

After first 1/4 mile: 30 body weighted squats

After second quarter mile: 20 push ups  (I kind of suck at push ups so I alternated  between doing 5 on my knees, then 5 full ones to get to 20)

After third 1/4 mile: 20 Plank Knees to Elbows (Get into a plank push-up position,  bring right knee into elbow keeping left leg on the ground, then alternate bringing left knee to elbow, keeping right foot on the ground.  One right knee to elbow and one left knee to elbow =1 rep)

Continue this circuit until your desired distance.  … I had to get back to work and was not trying to stay later than I had to so 2.5 miles did the trick.

Now onto this week’s workouts and food.

Monday was spaghetti squash with ground turkey  and ZUCCHINI!!!  I forgot that it’s now summer here and it’s in season!! This is definitely one of my favorite veggies of all time.  Pan-cooked with a dash of steak seasoning ..can’t get any better 😉  Sorry i do not have a picture of this food as I ate it all …really fast…before I thought to take a snap shot.

Workout was a leg lifting night:

1500m Row warm up

20 (10 each leg) walking lunges (holding weight over head: 4 sets

Squats:  5 sets:  12, 12, 10, 8,8,

Deadlifts: 5 sets:  12, 12, 10, 8, 6

Leg Curls: 4 Sets: 12, 10, 8, 8

Leg Lifts: 4 sets: 12, 10, 8, 8

Abs: Hanging knees to elbows,  3 x 10

I was going super heavy on the lifting,  hence only 5 exercises 😦  but dang if i did not feel those deadlifts the next day!  It was awesome!!

And finally, last night’s circuit workout  which was AWESOME:

Row 2000m Warm Up

The Circuit:

Kettlebell Squat High Pull  (source from youtube)

-Jump Rope (single leg jumps): 25 jumps left leg, 25 jumps right leg

-Push Ups

-Box Jumps

Push Press (source from youtube)



Kettlebell Swings (source from youtube)

First Circuit = 25 reps per exercises , Second Circuit = 15 reps per exercise, Third Circuit = 8 reps per exercise

Now I realize I was completing this circuit in the gymnasium basketball court room where they only open the doors (no AC), so automatically I was sweating, but here is what i looked like after the workout:

Attractive Stomach Sweat

Attractive Stomach Sweat

I sweat so bad, I even had it on the TOP of my shoulders on the t-shirt:



uhh ..yeah.  Definitely was like a wet dog. Oh yeah and two free advertisements:  JMU Lacrosse  heeeyyooooo thats an old practice shirt from my college days.  That poor shirt has seen the sweatiest, and dirty gym stank of all times (it’s about 9 years old).  It’s one of my favorites, if you can’t see the color fade.  And second advertisement woule be the lululemon headband.  I look bald when I wear it because the band is so thick, but I LOVE that my hair FINALLY stays out of my face!!   I think one of my previous posts I had mentioned that I do not have “whispies” on the side of my head, but rather lanky teenage middle length hair: not long enough to get pulled back in the ponytail but too long for a po-dunk headband to keep the hair out of my eyes.  If you have the same hair whispie problems that I do, I HIGHLY recommend this headband:  Bang Buster Headband

After my workout ( and a big ol’ shower ) I made dinner:  Boring lame Salmon, roasted kale, and sliced tomato.  .  Remember when I said I was in love with zucchini?? Tomato would be my second favorite veggie (ahem ‘fruit’) of the summer.

the dinner

the dinner

So that about catches me up with the workouts for now.  I apologize that I have been in such a rut about my career life ..its starting to take a toll on my non-work life aka the blogging.  Its a continued emotional rollercoaster for me.  Hopefully something positive will come my because I am totally going through a quarter life crisis right now.  I am freaking out that where I am right now is all I will ever amount to.  I don’t need to be a VIP of some company, but I myself need to have more self worth, and where I am right now is not doing the trick.  I’m frustrated that I feel like I should be way more ahead of the game than where I am.  I feel like my job makes me question why I bothered going to college.  I question if I will break free of this admin assistant role ever.  Everything seems to dead end right now.  Does it get better? Or is this as good as it gets? And I stress this, I know this paragraph is me complaining about first world problems, i have a loving family (do not come from a divorce situation either), I have a fabulous boyfriend, I can financially support myself, I am healthly and have 4 functioning limbs, great friends, and overall have a great life outside of work. So I say that I am grateful for the life that I am blessed with, however is it wrong to want to or rather KNOW that I can do better in my career life?  So I apologize that I’m complaining about something so insignificant to what I’m sure most of the blogging community that reads this and thinks, “uhhh white girl problems, poor little suburban girl WITH a Job, Happy Family, Healthy Life, NO tradgedy is whining because she simply does not LIKE what she is doing”  Most people have a ‘my story’ on their blog, …well this is mine.  I title it, ” HELP! I’m an Average Bored Suburbs Chick With No Direction”  I hope this is just a rut, but I’ve been feeling this way for well over a year now.

Are there any other bloggers out there in their 20’s (or when they were in their 20’s) that felt this way? Like they were trapped in this routine unfulfilling lifestyle? How did you break free?  Are you still feeling that way now that you’re older? Please share your stories! Itd be comforting to know that I’m not alone …or am i??


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