Gym Debate??

So work super sucked yesterday so I thought after a nice workout I would treat myself to a nice dinner.  I did another upper body 25er type of workout yesterday:

Warm Up:

Walk 10 mins on the treadmill incline 10.0

25 reps of each:

-DB Curls
-Lateral Shoulder raises
-Bench Dips with weight
-BB Shoulder press
-Cable Hammer Curls (rope attachment)
-Tricep push back
-Lat Pull Downs on cable machine
-Upright Row
-Chest Press
-BB Curls
-Cable Tricep extension
-DB Front shoulder raise
-Cable Straight Arm pushdown
-Pull Ups
-Lying Leg Raises”
-Plank Knees to Elbow
-Russian Twists (weighted)
-Back Extensions

And my super delightful dinner  …Giant had a sale on Salmon and Scallops… oh and I picked up some Zucchini 😀

Zucchini, Salmon, Scallops, Salad  ...and of course wine to go with my fancy dinner

Zucchini, Salmon, Scallops, Salad …and of course wine to go with my fancy dinner

I was so proud of myself, I managed to cook the scallops just right!  I marinaded the scallops in a blend of olive oil, minced garlic, fresh lemon juice, melted butter, salt, pepper and parsley for about 20 minutes.  Cooked the scallops for 3 minutes on each side and droooooool.  I was so scared I would overcook them because I am no Chef Boy-R-Dee.   I know, most of your are reading this and laughing that fish is super easy and fast to cook, but I consider this a victory for someone who struggles making something good in a crock pot!  So I say SUCK IT pinterest fail! I out0-cooked yo ass last night!  And now that I admitted that I made something tasty, I will probably burn down my kitchen from a grease fire tomorrow evening.

Moving on….Aside from wanting to cry every night because of my work life and how much I do not enjoy my current scenario (but thankful I have a job) I have been questioning if I should join the 24 hour gym right up the street from me or not.  As of right now after about a 2 month debate I’m leaning towards yes.  But my main reason I am hesitant to join is that I have a perfectly good gym at my work for FREE.  Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free right? But here’s the pisser of it:  The gym hours are very limited in accordance with my lifestyle.  I am not nor will I ever be an early morning workout person.  I get out of work between 4 and 4:30  which means if I go directly after work, the gym is PACKED with everyone else that gets off at the same time.  Usually I just go home and nap and try to get up in enough time to give myself an hour and 15 minute workout time … depending upon traffic and the 20 minutes it normally takes to get back on base I usually have just over one hour before the gym closes at 8.  Usually the post work  workout crowd is dwindling off but there have been some nights (especially new years) when it’s still packed.  There have been plenty of times when the staff is going around saying the gym is closing in 5 minutes and I so badly wish I had about 15-30 minutes extra.

Now let me explain a few things.  Currently I  live in a house by myself, no kids, no pets.  My obligation when I get home from work is complete free time from the world.  I realize that the moms and pet owners out there are probably rolling their eyes that I’m questioning the use of a FREE gym because it does not fit around my work and napping lifestyle.  I know ..first world problems right?!

Anyways–So to add another reason why this is completely ridiculous that I’m thinking about PAYING for a gym instead of continuing to go the the free one is that the gym is nice and big, and it has everything and more as far as weights, machines, and accessories that I utilize during my workouts.  Heck if I ever felt like it, there are some classes that the free gym offers as well!  And on a side note, the gym is a military base gym so some of the stuff is kind of old and rusty, and actually there are some REAL smelly rooms..the air ventilation is poor in some areas as well.  :-/

So I guess we will do a pro and con list:

Pros of Free Gym:
-Great Equipment
-Did I mention Free?

-20 minute drive if I head home from work first and decide to work out later in the night
-Very Limited hours in accordance with my lifestyle
-Crowded up through the last hour of the evening

Now onto the 24 hour gym.  The idea of joining this gym began because my bf belongs to this same 24 hour gym in his home town.  The perk of having a membership here is that you can go to any 24 hour fitness gym, you’re not bound to your home gym only.  His gym is twice as awesome as the gym which is right up the street from me (less than a half mile). But the gym up the street from me has all the necessary equipment I use.  The gyms are clean as well and do not smell of stinky sweaty man.  No rusty equipment either.  Mainly I’ve considered joining because I come home from work and nap for a ridiculous amount of time every day.  I blame my long naps on my I guess we can call it “work depression.” I’ve gone into the work subject before, but as I’ve mentioned, it’s starting to take a toll on me physically,  I can feel myself getting lulled during the day and all I want to do is sleep and forget about the day for at least an hour when I get home.  Usually by the time I wake up I’m cutting it close to get to the gym in enough time to get an hours worth of a workout.  If I joined the 24 hour gym, I could take my time waking up  and take my time at the gym since it never closes. I could actually eat dinner before 9pm!  Plus the perk of going later I will not hit the 5 o clock gym crowd.  So another perk would be that coming home from work, not only do I feel rushed to get back to my work location (because that’s where my gym is) but I’m in walking distance to the gym, no gas required! That shaves off yet another 20 minutes of driving (and gas $$) to and from.

So all of the pros, but some of cons would be that I’m paying for a membership which I have not been doing for 2 years now,  I think it’s around $50 a month?  eeek.  Also, I am someone who needs a hint of structure in their life in order to keep me on my toes.  A couple of years ago I had a membership to a different 24 hour gym. It was right up the street…a little further than the distance of the gym I want to join now.  Basically I kept telling myself once I woke up from my nap I’d go to the gym.  My naps got longer and my workouts became non existent.  I always thought,  eh I could go later.  Later never happened.   I’m afraid of getting in this mindset again however I am in a different place as far as my daily workouts are concerned in comparison to this stage of my life right out of college. So hopefully the freedom /flexibility of going each day will not become an issue.

After talking with my boyfriend and my mother last night I’m pretty sure (like 99%) sure I’m going to join.  Not just yet though. I think i’m going to wait at least until after my race when I will back in the full swing of my gym time.  Right now I’m only going to the gym about 2-3 times per week because I’m training for my 10 mile run.  After this race (and believe me I can’t wait!) I’m excited to get back into throwing some weights around 4-5 days per week!

Pros of Joining:
-24 hour access, no time limits!
-I can attend this gym at any location if I am a member, I’m not limited to one location
-Clean and does not smell!
-Walking Distance from my house
-Workout in a different location from where I work…not a mental rut of headed to the same location wehere I JUST WAS for 8 hours earlier that day.

-$50 a month
-Fear of becoming lazy and never going because there is no close time
-The gym location closest to me is a smaller location and does not offer classes


AAAHHH decisions!!!   Well I’m kind of excited  I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking the plunge soon. But one step at a time…


Well its 2:30 and I need to get back to being productive at work.


Now it’s time to turn the tables to you readers.  What do you look for when deciding upon a gym membership?  If you had the choice to use a free gym at your work location that’s pretty dirty and smelly  versus a clean gym that you pay reasonable monthly membership price for which would you choose?

Have a great weekend!!




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