Look What I Found! Pinterest Fail

Hello Everyone,

We’ll get down to business and then play a game at the end for Monday’s sake alright?   Soo… Food:

I’ve been in a salad ‘rut’ lately.  A good rut, I can’t get enough!!!  Ever since I went to VA Beach memorial day weekend, the various lettuce and veggies we had for dinner got my wheels turning.  I ALWAYS use baby leaf spinach as my “base” for my salads.  From there I pile on the fillers…tomatoes, yellow tomatoes (i’m in love), avocado, broccoli slaw (thank you Julie, never thought to use this in a salad and I can’t get enough!), carrots, red/orange/yellow bell peppers, etc.  Oh yeah and most important ..THE MEAT!  Where was I? …oh right, back to the eye opener. SO ..I walked into the grocery store in the produce aisle.  Right as I was grabbing for the standard baby leaf spinach my eyes looked up and I noticed a vast array of varied “leafy greens”.  The first thing that caught my eye was red swiss chard.  It was all pretty..bright green, red stems..it was as if it was whispering dirty sweet nothings in my ear.  So in the grocery cart it went!  Right next to the red swiss chard was arugula.  I realized that I like variety in my life so in the cart the arugula went. About 3 more greens later (cilantro, basil, dandelion greens) I managed to stir up some self control so I did not buy out the entire green produce section of the grocery store.  Sadly as any rookie 26 year old grocery shopper would make when buying something for the first time, I ended up buying too much. I’ll tell you what though, that was probably one of the best decisions I have made in regards to my food creations in a while.  It was a subtle change up but absolute awesomeness.  If you’re feeling bored next time you try to make a salad, instead of changing the meat or toppings, try varying up the leafy base  you might surprise yourself in a good way!

Next up … as a Baldimoron (and yes, the ‘d’ is on purpose) I had some of these guys over the weekend:

Steamed Crabs

Steamed Crabs

First steamed crabs of the season!  Overall they were pretty tasty.  Since they were the first crabs of the season for me, I’m probably being a little generous on my review but 4 crabs out of the dozen were lightweights. The meat was still tasty in the light guys but when it comes to crabs, everyone loves a fatty.  Also, Im a fat lover.  For those of you who don’t speak Maryland, that means I like the “green goo” (also called Mustard) it’s the stuff in the corners and middle of the crab.  I only had 2 that were filled with the delicious flavoring.  The others had a nice green color, but there was not much stuffed in the corners..the crabs must have been eating a clean diet and were trying to “lean out” … muaha  ha  *ba dum tst*  little crab humor for you all.

Saturday morning came and I had a PINTEREST FAIL!  Can you guess what this is?

I call this baby's diaper.  Part one.

I call this baby’s diaper. Part one.

I have been making a tiny effort to reduce the amount of “bad” sugary carbs and grains from my diet.  Key work tiny effort.  I have tampered with removing and retesting certain foods to have an idea which items upset my stomach.  One food that likes to play devil’s advocate with my gut would be delicious weekend pancakes.  I’ve tried not using maple syrup and eating the pancakes with a peanut butter spread, helped a little but still no dice.  Tried  substutiting oat flour for white flour .. still the same effect. So lately I’ve tried the “flourless”  pancake approach (eggs/egg whites, sweet potato and/or pumpkin and/or pureed banana, finely shredded coconut flakes).   They taste great, the texture takes a little getting used to and best of all, I can head for a workout or run right after and not have to know where every bathroom is (sorry for the detail)!

So Saturday morning came along and I played the “let’s get rid of some old ingredients in my kitchen game”.  I had a  mushy avocado, a sweet potato and eggs.  I figured since I’ve added avocado to my smoothies before and it made a nice thick texture and they do not have an intense flavor, this mild “good fat” food would be perfect to mix into a flourless pancake!  So I mushed up the avocado, mushed the sweet potato, added the egg whites, added some coconut shreds, and seasoned it with nutmeg and cinnamon.  BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG FAIL!

It. Tasted. HORRIBLE.  Apparently Avocados DO have flavor.  Just enough to make what would have been a perfectly fine sweet potato pancake into a disaster.  Not only was the baby poop green/brown/orange mix super unappealing to the eye (not that I’m going for best in show) but if I had to “label” the taste of this creation, it would be CONFUSED.  So I put this disgusting creation right where it was supposed to be –in the trash:

baby Poop pancake before it was placed in its rightful home-the trash

baby Poop pancake before it was placed in its rightful home-the trash

Lucky for me, I made steak kabobs the night before.  So I removed the sticks and plopped my leftovers into a pan to re-heat.  Viola!  Veggies steak and eggs (not shown) for breakfast!

Pinterest SuccessNom Nom NOm.

Here’s a workout that left my legs sore for 3 days  (btw, go HEAVY on the weights):
Single Leg Squats: 3  x 12
Leg Press: 4x 12, 8, 8, 6
Leg Curl: Drop Set (30 reps total,  10 reps on heaviest weight first, no rest drop the weight 10-15 pounds and do 10 more reps, no rest drop weight 10-15 more pounds for 10 reps) all in a row, no break
Leg Lift: Drop Set 30 reps total
Dead Lift: 5 x 15, 10, 8, 8, 6
Single Leg Dead Lift: 3 x 12, 10, 8
Alternating Weighted Jump Lunges: 3 x 10
Weighted Back Extension: 3 x 10
Lying Leg Raise – 3 x 15
Side Hip Thrusts – 3 x 15  (Lie in a side plank position, dip your hip to the ground and thrust back to starting position, this is one rep)
Full Sit Ups – 3 x 25

Last on my To-Do list of this blog today is to give a little insight into the person I am. So I’m gonna play the “what is in your purse?” game.  I’ve noticed that some of my friend’s purses tend to grow larger and larger over the years.  And sometimes the curious george in me questions what and WHY do they need all that crap to carry around with them.  So I’ll go first …

Split into three pictures:

The Sack

The Sack

Meet my purse.  Its a Michael Kors purse.  I absolutely love it.  I do not change my purse to match my outfit like most of my friends do.  So when I buy a purse I want that sucker to LAST! This is what I like to call my “big girl purse” because this is the first ever name brand bag that I have owned in my life.  I’ve had it for about 1.5 years now and until the thing decides to break, I probably will not buy a new bag anytime soon.  Plus it’s black.  Just about everything goes with black right?  😀 Yay.

Onto the ‘innards’ of my purse.  Refer to picture 1 of 2:

Innards Part 1

Innards Part 1

These innards are what I like to call the ‘meat and potatoes of my purse”  The standard, I would not be able to operate without these things on me items.  Here you have the following:

-The wallet .. you know it holds the money, the cards, and all Saturday night drunken crumpled receipts that I swear I will one day look at and go YIKES STOP GOING TO THE BAR but really I am afraid to see the damage so they just sit there.
-The check book..from a robbing potential standpoint, this is probably not a good idea to carry it around with me at all times but I do.  So any internet thief that is plotting to jump me on the street, you’ve hit the bank. Inside the checkbook I have old credit card bill stubs.  One day I will file them away.  In the mean time I keep the stubs in there so I do not lose them.  I also have a book of stamps and return address labels inside the check book case somewhere as well.  With all these fillings, you can understand the necessity for a giant ghetto clip to hold everything in there.
-The tablet… we live in a modern day world.  When You fear that the cell phone battery is dying too quick but you still need electronic entertainment, this little guy comes in handy..you can find me reading my “practical paleo” book or more likely playing candy crush because I’ve run out of lives on my iphone.  This is me trying to beat the system and get 10 free games instead of 5.  SMALL VICTORY!
-Car keys.   I am weird and have 3 separate sets of keys I keep in my purse.  I made the executive decision to do this since I am a responsible human being on occasion and am pretty good with getting oil changes in my car.  They always ask you to leave your keys.  Instead of fumbling around and having to chip my nails yanking the car key off everytime, I decided to separate this set for an easy handover.  One set would be pictured above.  I holds my car key and all ‘discount’ savings cards for grocery shopping on this ring.  Oh yeah and that key chain?  Shamrock Lacrosse Key Ring… I don’t even know if that company still exists or not but I’ve had that since high school.  It kind of smells and the button is a little rusty…security blanket what?

Set 2 .. the accessories:

The Accessories

The Accessories

These items would be considered the WTF?? Items.  This is the part where Carrie Bradshaw pulls out a thong at the Brunch table with her girlfriends.  Luckily, I removed my intimates from my purse yesterday because it was laundry day .. haha jk.
-Buffalo Wild Wings and Dunkin Donuts gift gards.  They are left over / have not been used yet from when I received them on “admin appreciation day”.  I should get on using those guys, free money is always awesome.
-House Keys. Girl’s gotta have a bottle opener right? These would be my most important set of keys.  That bottle opener? I’ve had that since high school.  My parents got that keychain as a freeby when they stopped at an OC liquor store back in the day.  The innocent non-drinking person I was at the time thought beer  related items were cool because they were taboo. I still think it is cool, more so for sentimental value.  Catching a trend on my key rings yet?  I need to go shopping for new key rings now.
-Toothbrush.  I went to the dentist last week.  I might be lazy and forget that the thing is there and have yet to put it away.  Big whoop wanna fight about it?  Plus you never know when you’ll need a toothbrush So I do not consider my laziness a loss for leaving the brush in there.  As the Dentine Ice Commercial Says, “practice safe breath”
-Not one but TWO contact cases.  I am unfortunate and have to poke my eyeballs every morning because I’m slowly inheriting my parent’s bad eye sight.  Many times I have gone to bed at a friend’s house who is not as unfortunate as I am so they do not keep contacts supplies.  After many nights of using shot glasses or dixie cups filled with water to store my contacts overnight, I figured I’d take it upon myself to bring a case pre-filled with solution so I do not have to ponder if my friend swill clean up the kitchen and mistake the two shot glasses for liquor instead of chilling contacts.  I know … I’m gross
_Hand sanitizer and eye drops.  I wear contacts, my eyes get dry. A LOT.   I bought the hand sanitizer after riding the metro one day.  I’m not a clean freak by any means but two instances make me want to ocd wash my hands with bleach: the metro, and amusement parks.  My hands feel like they get a film on them after holding on to the bars.  The hand sanitizer barely gets used but it’s nice to know I have the options should I need it.
-Baby Powder.  It’s summertime and I’m a sweaty kid.  Two words  (pre warning, this is TMI): Swamp Ass.  Baby Powder: Miracle Worker.  I bath in the stuff.
-Pens.   To write those checks and pay those bills!
-Makeup: Mascara, Concealer, Shimmer Chapstick, Eye Liner, annnnd Eye SHadow.  I actually do not wear makeup that often.  But when I do, I do not put on a full face of stuff.  I’m an eye liner, mascara and chapstick girl.  Consider yourself special if I bother to put some shimmer on my eyelids.  Thats what I consider REAL NAHS (insert uncle eddie from christmas vacation voice).
-Nail File – who likes snaggy nails?
-Hair Ties  – they are always breaking.  Nice to have some back ups
Las but not least, the small little brown bag.  It holds my minimal jewelry when I go to the gym.  Usually you can find a silver necklace, a gold necklace and (fake) diamond stud earrings in there.  This is the jewelry I normall wear to work so instead of having to fuss with it in the morning before I leave, I keep it in that little bag when I go to the gym and put it on in the car on the way to work.  5 minutes extra sleep what!?!?


There you have it.  That’s my purse.  Thats what I carry.  Now it’s your turn.
What Does The Inside Of Your Purse Look Like?


Happy Monday!




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