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Happy Wednesday!

So yesterday I was all proud of myself because I managed to get through the work day without having to take a nap on my lunch break.  Only reason I did not nap was that I told a co-worker I would go running with him.  So we ran just over 2 miles and called it a day.  Towards the end of the day I kind of got an itch to go running again.  Only instead of running on a road, trail, or treadmill, I kind of wanted to run on the TRACK!  I HAAAAAAAATE the track.  I’ve hated it ever since I was a freshman in high school (see story below).  My track workout consisted of sprinting the straights and walking the curves for a total 2 miles  (16 sprints, 16 walks).  This was a huge breakthrough for me, not only was it a physical victory for doing a 2nd ‘workout’ that incorporated sprinting when I could have just stayed home and be satisfied with the mid day jog,  but I actually ENJOYED running the track.  While I was running and listening to music, I started getting flashbacks of myself training in middle school and high school on this thing.  Also had flashbacks of all the hopes and dreams I had of being an adult …which I have yet to achieve and am still trying to figure out a plan 😉

How I felt after ENJOYING a track workout..only double the sweat ;-)

How I felt after ENJOYING a track workout..only double the sweat 😉


So here is the background story of my hatred of the track:

Pretty much since I was a freshman in high school, your level of sports athletecism (field sports mind you) was always determined by how fast you could run a mile, half mile, and 1/4 mile on the track.  You know…totally makes sense–grass and track rubber are the EXACT same surfaces (insert rolling eyes).  Oh yeah and you’re TOTALLY wearing the same shoes that you would be playing in (sneakers on the track, cleats on the grass).  That argument will be f0r another time.   Anyways.. So the beginning of tryouts for all of the sports I played began with (dun dun dunnnn!!!!) the timed mile  aka hell.  I was never the fastest nor the slowest person during the running tests, but I always fluctuated right along the cut off time.  My mind never let me forget that.  Add the pressure of knowing you are trying out for a team and could potentially get cut if you did not make the time just added to it.  Obviously the more elite of a level in which you are playing, the faster the time cutoffs would be.  I didn’t really have a problem with high school.  We had to beat a 7 minute mile.  That was always Manageable, I didn’t like it… but I could at least do it with just an average amount of effort.

The Devil

The Devil


Insert COLLEGE LACROSSE (WOMP). Our running tests on the track consisted of a timed mile under 6:30 and on a seperate day, the “Gauntlet”: Timed Mile, rest, timed 1/2 mile, rest, timed 1/4 mile, rest, and timed 1/2 lap of track.   I wish I could remember the times for the Gauntlet but about 5 people on our team  could pass by themselves without any ‘pushing’ assistance (teammates would literally push on your lowerback and you let your legs just glide along to beat the times).  That left the remaining 15-18 players on the team to fail their first test run and would have to do a week’s worth of 5 am track “punishment runs”.  After a weeks worth of early morning punishment runs, you were allowed to try running the test again, this time teammates were allowed to push you (the first time you had to run on your own without teammates pushing you).  The college running tests were. a. bitch.  Oh and as a plus when running the Gauntlet, most people lost control of their bodies …instert uncontrollably peeing your pants.  I know …tmi, but that’s just to give you an insight of how much this timed running test was dreaded. and did I mention hated?   And for all of you cross country and track runners out there, I realize that anything slower than a 6 minute mile is a joke to you all–but ask any field sport athlete what their opinion is about track running, I guarantee 80% of those field sport athletes HAAAAAATE the track.

Post Running Test Face

Post Running Test Face


And this comes without saying but I was not one of the lucky 5 that was blessed with ridiculous natural running speed.  Soooooo basically you spent all summer and your winter break tyring to improve and beat these milestone times (pun intended-ba dum tst).   The only way  to practice this would be to get your butt to the local high school track in your hometown and run.  After about 4 years of disappointment, I was finally free of the track devil and promised myself I would never step foot on that thing again. Ever.

Once in a blue moon, and by once in a blue moon, I mean maybe once per year, I would think that a track workout is just the change up to my workout I need.  Once I stepped foot on the track, I would get all sorts of negative flashbacks of college running tests.  Then to add insult to injury, once I started running and tried to convince myself that college is over and the times don’t matter anymore, the competitive side in me would get curious of the pace I was running.  Obviously after checking out my pace only feelings of slowness and dissapointment followed.  I figured it was best to give up on the track completely.  At least until last night!

I am happy to say that after last night, I think I have stepped in the right direction of overcoming my mental block of the track!  I mean I have not had such a great happy high post track run since high school!  As I stepped foot on the track last night, I could feel the negative feelings emerging in my mind.  They started to grow larger as I ran my warm up lap.  As soon as I started my first sprint I realized it was not so bad.   And after that first sprint came a WALK! Which I have NEVER done on a track workout before.  It was just enough recovery to give it my all on every sprint and enjoy it!  I felt so motivated after my run that I’m excited to create new short sprinting type of workouts and incorporate with plyo! Just need to get this 10 miler out of the way on Saturday and I’m good to go ;-).   The post running high is just what I needed to put me in the right mind set for my race this weekend.  Besides the getting up early part, I can FINALLY say i’m looking forward to it.  Let’s just hope this mindset carries through til Saturday ;-).

I’m also happy to share that I am joining Anytime Fitness this evening!  I’m finally biting the bullet.  I went as a guest last night and worked out.  It was so nice to workout in a stank free, clean gym.  Even at the peak hour of 6pm I did not have to wait for any equipment I wanted to use.  So now that I have announced it, now I need to keep myself accountable and actually go!  Woop Woop!  After this weekend I will be posting more weight workouts  since I no longer have to devote half of my week to running  YAYAYAYAY.


Well that’s all for now!   Happy Thursday!


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