Weekend Wrap Up


So my most exciting news to share is that I finally took the plunge and joined a gym last Thursday!  It’s a 24 hour gym and so far (ahem all 3 days that I have used it) so good!  Fun Friday fact for you all … I felt like such a heffer that night.  I figured it would be a good idea to do a light 2-3 mile jog that evening to keep my legs loose for my race the next day.  Conveniently my gym is in the same shopping center as my go-to italian place for a pre-race pasta overload dinner.  So I get to my gym (yay) start jogging and then about 2 miles in I think … well it is getting to be the peak dinner time I should probably call the food in ahead….like now.  SO I pick up my phone while walking on the treadmill and order my dinner.  I was laughing in my head thinking if I saw some person on a treadmill and overheard their phone conversation of “yeah i’ll take one order of the seafood pasta dinner for pick up” I’d totes be judging hahaha.  I like to think that I was multi-tasking 😉 .  So naturally after my run, I feasted on ALL THINGS CARBS!:

PASTAAAAAAA!!!  *does white girl dance*

PASTAAAAAAA!!! *does white girl dance*

I could only eat about half of the dinner…. which was a HEAPING pile of pasta (shocker…) mussels, clams, calamari, and shrimp.  All in a delicious marinara sauce–which actually had a nice home made flavor, not that bland Ragu crap.  After dinner I showered and got my stuff ready for the next day …or so I thought and went to bed.

5:10am my alarm went off and I got dressed, made breakfast, and left about 15 minutes later than anticipated.  Sat in traffic to park, finished getting dressed to realize I FORGOT SOCKS!!!!!

Luckily I bought the non chaffing stick  so I lubed up my feet and ankles and had just enough time to hit the bathroom and hop in line before the “silent start” went off…WHEW! I made it!  For all of the slow runs I had training wise this year, I only came in 2 minutes slower than my time from last year.  All in all, for how much running has been a struggle for me this spring, I was very happy I came in at the time that I did and I was even MORE relieved that I could take a nice hiatus from distance running 🙂 and get at it in the gym 0nce again.  One other reminder of why I enjoyed this race … you don’t get the token medal and t-shirt post race.  You get a nice sweet jacket!!

After my race I went up to Gettysburg where my parents have a little vacation shack in a neighborhood surrounding a lake.  We went out to eat, had lots of microbrews, and laughed at lots of silly inside family jokes.  This continued through til Sunday when my brother and I came over my parents house in MD for dinner.  About 2 hours before I went overto my parents for dinner I feasted on some delicious sushi:

Sunday Snack

While hanging out on the porch, we got to Holly’s  adorable little baby nephew next door running around discovering all things like a 1 year old would.  The dinner was coming to a close so naturally it was a good idea to play dress ups with my dad:

The man, the myth, the legend: BGE Dude

The man, the myth, the legend: BGE Dude

Yup, I’m a product of that offspring.  My dad works for the local gas and electric company and he is usually out in the field doing safety related items-hence the hard had and reflective gear.  If you grew up around the Baltimore Area and ever saw the “Wire’s Down Red Alert!” Commercial Song, that is what I was having him impersonate.

So the best part of leaving Sunday evening was that it was 9:30, I was feeling rather fluffy and spaghetti noodle armed from all of the pasta and beer over the weekend that I decided to do a late night workout…just cuz I could!  I did what was called the “50” but split it up into 2 sets of 25:

“The 50 (split into 2 sets of 25 reps each)”:

Row for 1500m
-Box Jump
-Kettlebell swings
-walking lunges holding 25 lb plate overhead
-hanging knees to elbows
-push press with 45lb bar
-back extensions
-sit ups
-push ups
-bosu alternating toe touches

Nice workout to end my weekend!

This week is going soooooo sloooowwwww. I mean it IS Wednesay (finally) but the seconds feel like hours.  Monday I took full advantage of yet another late night workout.  I went to the gym around 8:45 .  Added bonus: I walked instead of driving! And to continue taking full advantage of my distance running hiatus, I decided I’d do a strict legs workout:

10 minute bike warm up
-Walking weighted overhead lunges: 20 steps (per leg) x 25lbs, 15 steps (per leg) x 35 lbs, 8 steps(per leg) x 45 lbs
-Leg Lifts: dropset–30 reps total (no break), drop weight by 15-20 pounds after 10 reps
-Squats: 15, 10, 8, 8, 6, 4 go HEAVY   boy was I feeling these guys—definitely feeling the burn 2 days after
-Side step lunges -bodyweight  3x 12
-Leg Curls: drop set of 30
-Leg Lifts: 10, 8, 8, 6
-Leg Press: 15, 10, 8 , 8, 6
-Calf Raises: 3x 20

-Plank on med ball alternating knees to elbows: 25 each side
-weighted side bends holding 45lb plate: 25 each side
-holding weight overhead   side to side bends: 25 per side
-Lying heel touches: 25 each side lay your back on the ground in a standard sit up position (legs tucked/bent).  hold your arms straight out by your sides so your palms face down and parallel to the floor. lift your shoulder blades off of the floor.  Keeping your shoulder blades off of the floor rock side to side using the tips of your fingers to touch the heels of your feet. One left and one right is 1 rep.

And for fun, I tried doing 10 chin ups using a stretchy band to assist me.  My goal is to work up to 10 unassisted chin-up/pull ups by the end of the summer.

Can’t wait to try out my late night routine again tonight!  I’m hoping this will work for the time being.  I get home from work around 4:30/4:45.  Depending on how depressing my day at work was (anyone know how to get a job in higher education office jobs???), I tend to nap for an hour and a half.  around 6:30/7 I come to and make dinner.  That gives me an hour and a half to prepare, eat, and digest my food all before heading to the gym for my workout to begin around 8:45/9 pm.  I think tonight I’m gonna bring shower stuff so I can shower and head home and hop right into bed!

I was afraid if I try out this nightly workout routine I’d get the “post exercise high” that everyone says you get and not be able to fall asleep.  Well I must be weird.  Because after all of my workouts, I just want to come home and lay on the couch. forever.   When I tried out my late night workout routine this past Monday, my usual sleepy syndrom kicked in on my walk home and after showering, I crashed.  I can’t remember the last time that I slept so well through the night.  Especially lately when I was training for my race. I slept like doo-doo on my distance run nights.  So maybe I’m not totally crazy in trying out this late night workout routine.  It’s very unorthodox to the rest of the generic gym routine standard world but I’m definitely learning that I usually do not fall under those standard categories.  I’mnot a morning person, and I take A LOT of naps throughout the day (here’s to hoping it’s not a health issue and I”m just a chronic sleeper haha).

Well that’s all I have for now…. besides this Mean Girl reference:



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