Would It Kill You to Smile~!?


So its the most dreaded day of the week (Monday) which for most people means they are in a bad mood, are super tired, and want to be anywhere but work.  I will FULLY admit I am all of the above but even on my most dreaded, hateful, anger-filled days at work I can squeeze out a polite “hello” or the slightest smile to the people who generally get on my nerves.  It amazes me just how grumpy some folks can be.  As if smiling would kill them.  Actually I find it rather impolite.   I am not saying we have to be best friends and exchange childhood stories but a little smile and a hello are not much to ask.  Maybe its the admin assistant in me, that I HAVE to be nice because it’s part of my job  but even on my worst days, I still manage to exchange pleasantries.  Am I wrong in thinking that this is just a common courtesy?


Well i went to the beach this past weekend so you would think I had all of these lovely beach pictures to share .  But  I don’t .  Mainly because when I’m in OC, my activities are not very camera friendly.  So instead of boring you with more words, I will share a recap of my previous weekend in pictures:

birthday There were birthday celebrations

bobby flaysushi

There were Bobby Flay burgers and sushi

foodThere was a new recipe (see below for details)

ropesgymThere was a new toy to play with at the gym.

dcdc 3dc 2

There was fabulous scenery on the DC  trail

doggieAnd there was a hot doggie trying to air his man parts out from the fan.


I was super lazy last week and had no desire to cook meat for the week so like I coward I bought an oven roasted chicken.  I did manage to imitate a Jalapeno cole slaw recipe from a local peruvian chicken place which I am happy to say turned out pretty decent!

1 – 1.5 jalapeno peppers (sliced into coins)

1/2 bag of fresh cole slaw (the produce section kind that’s just fresh cabbage .. not hte pre made deli stuff)

1/2 cup red wine vinegar

1/4 olive oil

1 tsp italian seasoning

salt and pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients in one bowl.  Let it sit for about 30 mins (or more) to absorb some flavor.  Enj0y!


I took the over roasted chicken, some baby leaf spinach, and the cole slaw concoction and made a nice salad.  Quick and easy 🙂


That is all I have for this monday …. Remember to smile 🙂





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