Hey Everyone!

My name is Lauren but friends and family call me by the nickname of “Nar.”  I am in my mid-20’s with a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration from James Madison University.  After several month of contemplation, I have decided to join the blogging world.  Most of my posts will fit into the category of fitness and/or food along with some other random topics as they cross my mind.


  1. I am a born and raised Balti-moron Hon (Maryland).   This means that during baseball season, you can hear me shouting “Lets Go O’s” and during football season I’m bleeding Ravens purple.
  2. Weight lifting is my favorite form of exercise.
  3. I’m a fair-weather runner.
  4. Some of my recipe “creations” will more likely resemble Pinterest Fails than an actual appetizing meal…don’t worry I’ll make sure to document these fails and include pictures as well.
  5. I refuse to drink coffee that is not caffeinated.
  6. Cab Sav is my favorite wine.
  7. I despise anything berry or grape FLAVORED (but enjoy the real fruit itself).
  8. I come from a VERY small family –my brother and I are the only grandchildren of the family.  Breakdown of the current living family tree:  Memom (mom’s mom), Dad, Mom, and Brother (he’s older than me)
  9. I used to be a chubby kid.  Luckily my parents were smart enough to enroll me in sports as a child so I did not grow to become the sister of Jaba the Hut.  I’m still no rail-thin thang though.  You will see from photos that I was built for strength, not speed.  This means you will read a lot of fat-kid references, don’t worry they are all in good humored fun.
  10. I am a bunch of randomness compiled into one person.  Unfortunately I can’t say that I am PASSIONATE about one particular thing, but I do have many interests which you will see change from time to time if you read this blog at all.

Disclaimer:  I am not a registered dietician or registered physical trainer.  Anything health related (food and fitness) are my own opinions.

My friend Erin (right) and I before a 5K.

My friend Erin (right) and I before a 5K.



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