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This is Me from A-Z


I’m on a huge caffeine high right now from my new favorite coffee addiction, Chameleon Cold Brew.  I may have indulged in two cups of this fabulous stuff and my alertness is KICKIN right now!  Talk to me in about 2.5 hours I will look like I smacked my face into a brick wall and want to crawl in a hole and sleep for 10 hours straight.

I am so happy I was blog reading stalking this morning because I knew I wanted to post but was not sure which topic to do.   I kind of suck at taking pictures and I need to get crackin on that.  I’m hoping that with my fun-filled weekend coming up, I will have some visual candy to share on this thing.  So because I’m a crap-tastic blogger, I will do one of these surveys which I came across from Meals & Moves.  If you are into the whole workout and fitness thing, I highly recommend reading this girl’s blog.  She has some AWESOME workouts.

Without further delay, get to know MEEE from A- Zeeeee:

A is for age: 26 … even though I feel like I should be 23.  All my friends doing the whole “settle down” thing now  … married, having children, it’s weird.  I’m happy for them, but I’m no where near ready for any of that.

B is for breakfast today: 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites scrambled together, 1 Tomato Basil Chicken Sausage Link (wegmans brand), 1 head of fresh broccoli.  Sprinkled with tessemae’s hot sauce.

C is for currently craving: Ice cold water!  After having a giant breakfast and coming off of iced coffee, I have that funky dry feeling on my tongue.  Our fridge at work is dying and the freeze no longer “freezes” things (aka ice cubes) so cold beverages are out of the question.  Slightly chilled is your only option.

D is for dinner tonight:  Either Sushi–Rainbow roll,   or Pho-beef kind.  My bf introduced me to vietnamese food, I can’t get enough.  Pho easily tops one of my 3 favorite foods now  it’s soooo flavorful if its made right!

mmmmm Pho

mmmmm Pho


E is for favorite type of exercise: Weightlifting!  While I can appreciate a good run or plyo/crossfit mix workout, I go on rollercoaster rides of a love hate relationship with them.  I can always appreciate and get down with slamming some weights in my new gym :).  To be more specific…. I love leg days.  Lunges, Squats, Deadlifts, Leg Press … i’m all about it!

F is for an irrational fear:  Dying in a car accident

G is for gross food: Pudding. and Jello.  I despise the texture.  It gets in your mouth and you don’t know whether to chew it or just swallow it whole (insert “that’s what she said”)

H is for hometown: Maryland Hon!

MD Flag

I is for something important: Getting to know yourself.  Once you gain a sense of who you are, it allows you to identify areas which you know you can improve upon in a positive way.

J is for current favorite jam:  Robin Thicke Blurred Lines …. how people can sit still in their seats or not smile when they hear this is beyond me

Blurred Lines Full House Parody

K is for kids: At this point in my life, No Thanks!  I’ll take the dog, preferably a rescued basset hound  😉

L is for current location: same as my hometown …. can’t seem to escape!

M is for the most recent way you spent money: ugh …. like a typical girl I had a nice little “work attire” shopping spree last night in Express and The Limited.  I love it but I hate myself for the $$$ I spent.  To justify, the majority of my work tops need to be thrown out, I’ve had them for about 3 years now and some are getting to the shrunken, pilly, and see through…it was needed.

N is for something you need:  A satisfying career

Happy Job

O is for occupation: A fancy word for “office assistant”  aka  everyone’s little minion

P is for pet peeve: Ignorant rude people who lack manners


Q is for a quote:


R is for random fact about you: Many of my friends don’t know my first and/or last name because everyone calls me “Nar”

S is for favorite healthy snack: Apple with peanut butter or nutella.  Which then turns into an unhealthy snack because the apple/spread ratio becomes “would you like some apple with that dip?”

T is for favorite treat: grocery store vanilla buttercream icing birthday cake.  I’m THAT person who wants the corner piece along with the giant flower that others have scraped off.

U is for something that makes you unique: i have never broke a bone … and now that I say that watch I’ll have a clumsy fall and it will happen haha.

V is for favorite vegetable: hmmmm it’s between Steamed Broccoli or Grilled Zucchini

W is for today’s workout: Definitely something on the track!  I have not thought one up yet but it will definitely be a mix of sprints, walks, and plyo moves  …shooting for the 2 mile range. We currently have a “heat wave” of averaging in the 90 zone right now (humidity and all)  ….I’m not scared of a little waterfalls of sweat!

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Have not had many x-rays

1.) I have yearly x-rays on my teeth when I go to the dentist as a part of a routine check-up

2.) My chest back in the winter of 2004 to find a giant lumpy spot of pneumonia…that was not fun!

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:  Went shopping followed by a BBQ Rib dinner at my memoms house … new clothes and quality family time 😀

Z is for your time zone: EDT!  Loving the longer summertime hours!!

Welp that was fun! My first survey 😀


Summer Favorites


This Monday is off to a great start, mainly because I get to leave at 11:30 am.  Last week was a rather hectic week-dinner dates with friends, dinner with my memom, visiting the bf, oh yeah and my AC DYING 😡    Luckily the weekend was nice and relaxing–lots of sleep and downtime which was must needed.  I tried a lobster roll for the first time in my life, I ate every last bite of that sandwich.  It was such a simple sandwich but it was PACKED with delicious flavor and textures:

Lobster Roll

I had not clue was to expect but based off of the name, I was anticipating more of a mayo-layden “salad.”  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was straight up seasoned lobster meat with a thin spread of sauce on the perfectly toasted bread.  I also absolutely loved that the emphasis of this ‘roll’ was on the stuffing of the sandwich and not hidden between two gigantic pieces of filling bread.  It was perfect for a summer afternoon.

Sunday evening had me feeling prepared and ready to tackle this week.  I always feel like I’m starting the week off on the right foot when I go grocery shopping on Sunday evening and cook/prepare some foods ahead of time.  Considering my house is like a cheap spa sauna right now, everything I purchased at the grocery store was cold, crisp (ew I hate that word), and refreshing.  Curiosity got the best of me (and my wallet), I came across some items that I always pass when I shop and decided I’d give them all a sample this week:

Product Test #1: Chameleon Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Delicious Pre-Made Iced Coffee

Delicious Pre-Made Iced Coffee

Verdict:  I’m in love.   Most pre-made iced coffees that you come across are more of a coffee flavored milk than an iced coffee.  This iced coffee is straight black coffee-no additives, no sugar, no cream, no NUTTIN!  It’s a highly concentrated brew so depending upon the dose of a ‘jolt’ you need, you can drink the coffee straight, or cut it with water, cut it with milk/creamer, you name it.   A great perk of this pre-made iced coffee is that it’s less acidic (yay less stomach troubles) than other coffees AND it does not have that BITTER coffee aftertaste that you get with some brews. It’s super pricey, but for a once in a blue moon “splurge” and the fact you get 4-8 cups out of one bottle, I know I’ll be back for more :).  I poured a 1:1 ratio of original almond milk and this coffee over ice this morning.  I can say I like it better over any Coffee Chain Iced Coffees (ahem Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts).

Product Test#2: Perrier Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water

PerrierThe verdict:  It’s decent.  I know perrier is more of a ‘Spensif brand of sparkling/selzter waters.  I love grapefruit flavored anything so it was hard to resist this pretty colored box.  The flavor tasted generic, nothing OOOOOO and AAAAAAHHH about it, but still tasty.  Next time I’ll buy the store brand of grapefruit seltzer water to save some $ to splurge on that delicious iced coffee mentioned above ;-).

Product Test #3: Jif Natural Peanut Butter with Touch of Honey Spread

Honey PBThe verdict:  I smeared this stuff in between a banana and thoroughly enjoyed it!  It has a slightly sweeter taste than normal peanut butter and only has 6 grams of sugar!  I overdosed on peanut butter and company’s chocolate peanut butter spread and their white chocolate wonderful peanut butter spread a while back and tried to branch out my taste buds to other products.   I’ve been dabbling (another word I hate) with other nut butters recently (almond, cashew, coconut) and while all are absolutely delicious in their own way, they are twice the price (if not, more than twice) of peanut butter!  So I was a happy camper to try a product I’ve never tasted before that was also an affordable price.

Those were my three taste test products, I’m happy to say that I don’t feel like I wasted money on any of the products because I like the taste of everything.

I’ would also like to share a summertime favorite of mine that is not edible: Maryland Flag Print.  As a Baltimoron, I must brag that I believe our state has a pretty cool flag.  I love the print, I love the color combo, I just love it.  I was happy to find a store:  Route One Apparel which sells all sorts of printed clothing items and accessories.  Not just MD flag related, but USA prints, beach prints, etc.

My splurges:


Flag Print Koozie–I have so many koozies I do not know what to do with. I guess you could say I kind of have an obsession and collect hoard them.

BathingsuitAnd a white trash bathingsuit top 😀 Ever since the summer after my senior year of college, I always find myself eyeing up a “trashy” looking suit that none of my friends would be caught dead in.  Considering I have the fashion sense of a 2 year old, I like to view these bathingsuit tops as “funky” and not “trashy”.  Whatever label is chosen for it, I still buy it.  I wear it around my friends, we have a good laugh.  That’s my personality.  Previous years have been:  Camo with a rhineston skull and cross bones, BRIGHT ASSED TIE DYE (suited for a 12 year old and not a 23 year old), rasta  blend (green, yellow, red all fading into one another), a snake charm top, and this year’s newest addition, the MD flag print.

Can’t wait to test them both out!

In workout news, I have lost all creative juices for my gym routines lately due to some non-routine post-work items on my agenda which had to be addressed.  I have been pulling lifting workouts straight from  I was completing lifting routines from Kris Gethin 12 Week Daily Video Trainer.  This is a great routine to follow to get back in the swing of lifting.  It focuses in 1-2 body parts per workout and there is always one “giant set” exercise to fatigue that muscle group.  I have enjoyed following this program since June right after my 10 mile race.   I’m at the point now where my muscles are complacent in that workout routine so I decided to change it up.  I did the back and biceps workout from Ashley Horner‘s 360 Program.  Let me tell you …that’s girl’s workouts are no joke. And they are SUPER long.  I do not recommend her workouts if you are pressed for time.  But if you have all day, you will definitely be fatigued at the end.

And one last thought before I sign off for today, My bf and I saw this while driving around DC Saturday night:

Dummy Doll


What are your summertime favorite foods?  Any workouts that you are currently hooked on?

Hope you have a great week!


Is Everyone Else Growing Up Without Me?

Do you ever analyze where you are in life and feel like your 5 years behind everyone else your age?  This girl sure does!  The social media only emphasizes that as well. I realize that for a girl in her mid-20’s I’m doing just fine but lately I can’t help but feel like I’m just going through the motions while everyone else is growing up around me.  I get on my social media accounts and see all of these exciting adventures my friends post and question if I’m missing out on life or am I right where I’m supposed to be.  I look at pinterest and find things that look like a fun project, pin them to the board and then never look at them again. Recently I just feel like I’m letting life slip by but when I question if I had all the time in the world to do the things I wanted to do, I would not be able to answer you.  I feel like I’m so afraid of life in general that I’m going to miss out on some key points in my life if I don’t figure out WHY I’m so afraid and GET over my fears.

-I want to travel to places but I don’t know where.  And when friends suggest a trip, it’s always during a time where I feel like I have to save money so I decline the invitation.  I’m afraid if I don’t travel now, I’m going to look back and question why did I care about the finances? You are only getting older and will have less time with your friends as the years pass.

-I tell myself I want to live in a warmer climate because I can’t stand Maryland weather.  That would mean selling my house I bought two years ago, packing up my things and moving to a place away from my family and friends where I do not know anyone…and the warmer weather year round would not guarantee happiness, I just think I would be happier.  Why make such a ballsy decision on something I’m not even sure of?

-I want to go back to school to get a Master’s Degree because I think that will give me more job opportunities outside of the boring yet mentally draining Admin Assistant world. Going back to school is a lot of time and money for something that does not guarantee me a more fulfilling or higher paying job.  Especially now during my 20’s when it’s supposed to be the “prime time” of my life.   Is it?

-I want to get married but am afraid of divorce.  Not that I’m anywhere near getting married, but a have a handful of friends who recently got married and all are now going through divorce because of a cheating situation.  Am I one day going to become undesireable to my husband?  Will I become unhappy in my marriage and regret that I chose to be with him?  I’m afraid of the uncertainty.  How do you KNOW who is the right person for you?

-I don’t want to have kids but I’m afraid that I’ll change my mind when it’s too late.   I don’t know if it’s because I”m no where near the marriage part of my life and that’s why the thought of kids is crazy on my behalf but I get a lot of crazy looks from people because I say I don’t want to have kids and I’d be fine with owning a dog.  I’m afraid I’ll never find someone who shares these same thoughts.  And I’m also afraid of the opposite.  What if I find someone and marry them because we both agree we do not want children but then years later I realize I want them?  I feel like a martian all the time because of this.  Why was I born with the mindset that I”m not a fan of children? Why couldn’t I just be normal?

People say to follow your passions in life.  What if you don’t know what your passions are?  I enjoy a lot of things, but I can’t say there is one particular thing (well besides coffee) that keeps me going every single day.  I keep hoping that life with throw me a sign but so far I have nothing.  I want to dive in head first and get started but I don’t know which pool to dive into.

I feel like I’m starting to question my each and every decision more and more each day and wonder if I made the right choice …even something as small as deciding which group of friends to hang out with to the larger questions of why did I waste four years of college and come out with a degree which I can do nothing with –besides be an assistant?

I also know that I can’t just sit here and wonder where life went because I’m only getting older and running out of time. I realize that some form of action is required on my end in order to make things happen in my life but I don’t know what?  Obviously I’m scared of EVERY major life decision and am constantly evaluating my decisions in the past so I don’t eff up in the future.  But I don’t know what it is, but I feel like everyone else around me is getting there S*** together and I’m still feeling like I should be a sophomore in college.

I was hoping that blogging might englighten me a tad but all it made me realize is that I’m not very good at writing, taking pictures is a pain in the ass, and I can only hope to live a life HALF as passion filled and exciting as other bloggers tend to have.

I don’t know …. maybe all of these feelings are considered the “quarter life crisis?”  I just hope I figure life out sooner rather than later … or at least find some entertainment for the journey 😉


On a lighter note, hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July weekend 😀


Is there anyone else in their 20’s still trying to basically figure out what their purpose in life is?  If you have it figured out already,  what was the turning point or the self enlightenment that made you find that drive?



Would It Kill You to Smile~!?


So its the most dreaded day of the week (Monday) which for most people means they are in a bad mood, are super tired, and want to be anywhere but work.  I will FULLY admit I am all of the above but even on my most dreaded, hateful, anger-filled days at work I can squeeze out a polite “hello” or the slightest smile to the people who generally get on my nerves.  It amazes me just how grumpy some folks can be.  As if smiling would kill them.  Actually I find it rather impolite.   I am not saying we have to be best friends and exchange childhood stories but a little smile and a hello are not much to ask.  Maybe its the admin assistant in me, that I HAVE to be nice because it’s part of my job  but even on my worst days, I still manage to exchange pleasantries.  Am I wrong in thinking that this is just a common courtesy?


Well i went to the beach this past weekend so you would think I had all of these lovely beach pictures to share .  But  I don’t .  Mainly because when I’m in OC, my activities are not very camera friendly.  So instead of boring you with more words, I will share a recap of my previous weekend in pictures:

birthday There were birthday celebrations

bobby flaysushi

There were Bobby Flay burgers and sushi

foodThere was a new recipe (see below for details)

ropesgymThere was a new toy to play with at the gym.

dcdc 3dc 2

There was fabulous scenery on the DC  trail

doggieAnd there was a hot doggie trying to air his man parts out from the fan.


I was super lazy last week and had no desire to cook meat for the week so like I coward I bought an oven roasted chicken.  I did manage to imitate a Jalapeno cole slaw recipe from a local peruvian chicken place which I am happy to say turned out pretty decent!

1 – 1.5 jalapeno peppers (sliced into coins)

1/2 bag of fresh cole slaw (the produce section kind that’s just fresh cabbage .. not hte pre made deli stuff)

1/2 cup red wine vinegar

1/4 olive oil

1 tsp italian seasoning

salt and pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients in one bowl.  Let it sit for about 30 mins (or more) to absorb some flavor.  Enj0y!


I took the over roasted chicken, some baby leaf spinach, and the cole slaw concoction and made a nice salad.  Quick and easy 🙂


That is all I have for this monday …. Remember to smile 🙂




Positive Thoughts and Prayers Needed

This Monday is super lame.  Sorry for the short post but I just found out my friend’s little sister was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.  She is 25.  Positive thoughts and prayers for her would be greatly appreciated.

This just REALLY makes me question why horrible things happen to good people.

I realize that this blog is more of an online diary because no one reads this thing but if anyone out there actually does read my blog….any suggestions on how to be a good “supporter” for the family?

As I mentioned above…all positive thoughts and prayers are GREATLY appreciated if anyone out there is reading this!   Thanks! ❤ ❤ ❤



Weekend Wrap Up


So my most exciting news to share is that I finally took the plunge and joined a gym last Thursday!  It’s a 24 hour gym and so far (ahem all 3 days that I have used it) so good!  Fun Friday fact for you all … I felt like such a heffer that night.  I figured it would be a good idea to do a light 2-3 mile jog that evening to keep my legs loose for my race the next day.  Conveniently my gym is in the same shopping center as my go-to italian place for a pre-race pasta overload dinner.  So I get to my gym (yay) start jogging and then about 2 miles in I think … well it is getting to be the peak dinner time I should probably call the food in ahead….like now.  SO I pick up my phone while walking on the treadmill and order my dinner.  I was laughing in my head thinking if I saw some person on a treadmill and overheard their phone conversation of “yeah i’ll take one order of the seafood pasta dinner for pick up” I’d totes be judging hahaha.  I like to think that I was multi-tasking 😉 .  So naturally after my run, I feasted on ALL THINGS CARBS!:

PASTAAAAAAA!!!  *does white girl dance*

PASTAAAAAAA!!! *does white girl dance*

I could only eat about half of the dinner…. which was a HEAPING pile of pasta (shocker…) mussels, clams, calamari, and shrimp.  All in a delicious marinara sauce–which actually had a nice home made flavor, not that bland Ragu crap.  After dinner I showered and got my stuff ready for the next day …or so I thought and went to bed.

5:10am my alarm went off and I got dressed, made breakfast, and left about 15 minutes later than anticipated.  Sat in traffic to park, finished getting dressed to realize I FORGOT SOCKS!!!!!

Luckily I bought the non chaffing stick  so I lubed up my feet and ankles and had just enough time to hit the bathroom and hop in line before the “silent start” went off…WHEW! I made it!  For all of the slow runs I had training wise this year, I only came in 2 minutes slower than my time from last year.  All in all, for how much running has been a struggle for me this spring, I was very happy I came in at the time that I did and I was even MORE relieved that I could take a nice hiatus from distance running 🙂 and get at it in the gym 0nce again.  One other reminder of why I enjoyed this race … you don’t get the token medal and t-shirt post race.  You get a nice sweet jacket!!

After my race I went up to Gettysburg where my parents have a little vacation shack in a neighborhood surrounding a lake.  We went out to eat, had lots of microbrews, and laughed at lots of silly inside family jokes.  This continued through til Sunday when my brother and I came over my parents house in MD for dinner.  About 2 hours before I went overto my parents for dinner I feasted on some delicious sushi:

Sunday Snack

While hanging out on the porch, we got to Holly’s  adorable little baby nephew next door running around discovering all things like a 1 year old would.  The dinner was coming to a close so naturally it was a good idea to play dress ups with my dad:

The man, the myth, the legend: BGE Dude

The man, the myth, the legend: BGE Dude

Yup, I’m a product of that offspring.  My dad works for the local gas and electric company and he is usually out in the field doing safety related items-hence the hard had and reflective gear.  If you grew up around the Baltimore Area and ever saw the “Wire’s Down Red Alert!” Commercial Song, that is what I was having him impersonate.

So the best part of leaving Sunday evening was that it was 9:30, I was feeling rather fluffy and spaghetti noodle armed from all of the pasta and beer over the weekend that I decided to do a late night workout…just cuz I could!  I did what was called the “50” but split it up into 2 sets of 25:

“The 50 (split into 2 sets of 25 reps each)”:

Row for 1500m
-Box Jump
-Kettlebell swings
-walking lunges holding 25 lb plate overhead
-hanging knees to elbows
-push press with 45lb bar
-back extensions
-sit ups
-push ups
-bosu alternating toe touches

Nice workout to end my weekend!

This week is going soooooo sloooowwwww. I mean it IS Wednesay (finally) but the seconds feel like hours.  Monday I took full advantage of yet another late night workout.  I went to the gym around 8:45 .  Added bonus: I walked instead of driving! And to continue taking full advantage of my distance running hiatus, I decided I’d do a strict legs workout:

10 minute bike warm up
-Walking weighted overhead lunges: 20 steps (per leg) x 25lbs, 15 steps (per leg) x 35 lbs, 8 steps(per leg) x 45 lbs
-Leg Lifts: dropset–30 reps total (no break), drop weight by 15-20 pounds after 10 reps
-Squats: 15, 10, 8, 8, 6, 4 go HEAVY   boy was I feeling these guys—definitely feeling the burn 2 days after
-Side step lunges -bodyweight  3x 12
-Leg Curls: drop set of 30
-Leg Lifts: 10, 8, 8, 6
-Leg Press: 15, 10, 8 , 8, 6
-Calf Raises: 3x 20

-Plank on med ball alternating knees to elbows: 25 each side
-weighted side bends holding 45lb plate: 25 each side
-holding weight overhead   side to side bends: 25 per side
-Lying heel touches: 25 each side lay your back on the ground in a standard sit up position (legs tucked/bent).  hold your arms straight out by your sides so your palms face down and parallel to the floor. lift your shoulder blades off of the floor.  Keeping your shoulder blades off of the floor rock side to side using the tips of your fingers to touch the heels of your feet. One left and one right is 1 rep.

And for fun, I tried doing 10 chin ups using a stretchy band to assist me.  My goal is to work up to 10 unassisted chin-up/pull ups by the end of the summer.

Can’t wait to try out my late night routine again tonight!  I’m hoping this will work for the time being.  I get home from work around 4:30/4:45.  Depending on how depressing my day at work was (anyone know how to get a job in higher education office jobs???), I tend to nap for an hour and a half.  around 6:30/7 I come to and make dinner.  That gives me an hour and a half to prepare, eat, and digest my food all before heading to the gym for my workout to begin around 8:45/9 pm.  I think tonight I’m gonna bring shower stuff so I can shower and head home and hop right into bed!

I was afraid if I try out this nightly workout routine I’d get the “post exercise high” that everyone says you get and not be able to fall asleep.  Well I must be weird.  Because after all of my workouts, I just want to come home and lay on the couch. forever.   When I tried out my late night workout routine this past Monday, my usual sleepy syndrom kicked in on my walk home and after showering, I crashed.  I can’t remember the last time that I slept so well through the night.  Especially lately when I was training for my race. I slept like doo-doo on my distance run nights.  So maybe I’m not totally crazy in trying out this late night workout routine.  It’s very unorthodox to the rest of the generic gym routine standard world but I’m definitely learning that I usually do not fall under those standard categories.  I’mnot a morning person, and I take A LOT of naps throughout the day (here’s to hoping it’s not a health issue and I”m just a chronic sleeper haha).

Well that’s all I have for now…. besides this Mean Girl reference:


The Mentalist

Happy Wednesday!

So yesterday I was all proud of myself because I managed to get through the work day without having to take a nap on my lunch break.  Only reason I did not nap was that I told a co-worker I would go running with him.  So we ran just over 2 miles and called it a day.  Towards the end of the day I kind of got an itch to go running again.  Only instead of running on a road, trail, or treadmill, I kind of wanted to run on the TRACK!  I HAAAAAAAATE the track.  I’ve hated it ever since I was a freshman in high school (see story below).  My track workout consisted of sprinting the straights and walking the curves for a total 2 miles  (16 sprints, 16 walks).  This was a huge breakthrough for me, not only was it a physical victory for doing a 2nd ‘workout’ that incorporated sprinting when I could have just stayed home and be satisfied with the mid day jog,  but I actually ENJOYED running the track.  While I was running and listening to music, I started getting flashbacks of myself training in middle school and high school on this thing.  Also had flashbacks of all the hopes and dreams I had of being an adult …which I have yet to achieve and am still trying to figure out a plan 😉

How I felt after ENJOYING a track workout..only double the sweat ;-)

How I felt after ENJOYING a track workout..only double the sweat 😉


So here is the background story of my hatred of the track:

Pretty much since I was a freshman in high school, your level of sports athletecism (field sports mind you) was always determined by how fast you could run a mile, half mile, and 1/4 mile on the track.  You know…totally makes sense–grass and track rubber are the EXACT same surfaces (insert rolling eyes).  Oh yeah and you’re TOTALLY wearing the same shoes that you would be playing in (sneakers on the track, cleats on the grass).  That argument will be f0r another time.   Anyways.. So the beginning of tryouts for all of the sports I played began with (dun dun dunnnn!!!!) the timed mile  aka hell.  I was never the fastest nor the slowest person during the running tests, but I always fluctuated right along the cut off time.  My mind never let me forget that.  Add the pressure of knowing you are trying out for a team and could potentially get cut if you did not make the time just added to it.  Obviously the more elite of a level in which you are playing, the faster the time cutoffs would be.  I didn’t really have a problem with high school.  We had to beat a 7 minute mile.  That was always Manageable, I didn’t like it… but I could at least do it with just an average amount of effort.

The Devil

The Devil


Insert COLLEGE LACROSSE (WOMP). Our running tests on the track consisted of a timed mile under 6:30 and on a seperate day, the “Gauntlet”: Timed Mile, rest, timed 1/2 mile, rest, timed 1/4 mile, rest, and timed 1/2 lap of track.   I wish I could remember the times for the Gauntlet but about 5 people on our team  could pass by themselves without any ‘pushing’ assistance (teammates would literally push on your lowerback and you let your legs just glide along to beat the times).  That left the remaining 15-18 players on the team to fail their first test run and would have to do a week’s worth of 5 am track “punishment runs”.  After a weeks worth of early morning punishment runs, you were allowed to try running the test again, this time teammates were allowed to push you (the first time you had to run on your own without teammates pushing you).  The college running tests were. a. bitch.  Oh and as a plus when running the Gauntlet, most people lost control of their bodies …instert uncontrollably peeing your pants.  I know …tmi, but that’s just to give you an insight of how much this timed running test was dreaded. and did I mention hated?   And for all of you cross country and track runners out there, I realize that anything slower than a 6 minute mile is a joke to you all–but ask any field sport athlete what their opinion is about track running, I guarantee 80% of those field sport athletes HAAAAAATE the track.

Post Running Test Face

Post Running Test Face


And this comes without saying but I was not one of the lucky 5 that was blessed with ridiculous natural running speed.  Soooooo basically you spent all summer and your winter break tyring to improve and beat these milestone times (pun intended-ba dum tst).   The only way  to practice this would be to get your butt to the local high school track in your hometown and run.  After about 4 years of disappointment, I was finally free of the track devil and promised myself I would never step foot on that thing again. Ever.

Once in a blue moon, and by once in a blue moon, I mean maybe once per year, I would think that a track workout is just the change up to my workout I need.  Once I stepped foot on the track, I would get all sorts of negative flashbacks of college running tests.  Then to add insult to injury, once I started running and tried to convince myself that college is over and the times don’t matter anymore, the competitive side in me would get curious of the pace I was running.  Obviously after checking out my pace only feelings of slowness and dissapointment followed.  I figured it was best to give up on the track completely.  At least until last night!

I am happy to say that after last night, I think I have stepped in the right direction of overcoming my mental block of the track!  I mean I have not had such a great happy high post track run since high school!  As I stepped foot on the track last night, I could feel the negative feelings emerging in my mind.  They started to grow larger as I ran my warm up lap.  As soon as I started my first sprint I realized it was not so bad.   And after that first sprint came a WALK! Which I have NEVER done on a track workout before.  It was just enough recovery to give it my all on every sprint and enjoy it!  I felt so motivated after my run that I’m excited to create new short sprinting type of workouts and incorporate with plyo! Just need to get this 10 miler out of the way on Saturday and I’m good to go ;-).   The post running high is just what I needed to put me in the right mind set for my race this weekend.  Besides the getting up early part, I can FINALLY say i’m looking forward to it.  Let’s just hope this mindset carries through til Saturday ;-).

I’m also happy to share that I am joining Anytime Fitness this evening!  I’m finally biting the bullet.  I went as a guest last night and worked out.  It was so nice to workout in a stank free, clean gym.  Even at the peak hour of 6pm I did not have to wait for any equipment I wanted to use.  So now that I have announced it, now I need to keep myself accountable and actually go!  Woop Woop!  After this weekend I will be posting more weight workouts  since I no longer have to devote half of my week to running  YAYAYAYAY.


Well that’s all for now!   Happy Thursday!

Gym Debate??

So work super sucked yesterday so I thought after a nice workout I would treat myself to a nice dinner.  I did another upper body 25er type of workout yesterday:

Warm Up:

Walk 10 mins on the treadmill incline 10.0

25 reps of each:

-DB Curls
-Lateral Shoulder raises
-Bench Dips with weight
-BB Shoulder press
-Cable Hammer Curls (rope attachment)
-Tricep push back
-Lat Pull Downs on cable machine
-Upright Row
-Chest Press
-BB Curls
-Cable Tricep extension
-DB Front shoulder raise
-Cable Straight Arm pushdown
-Pull Ups
-Lying Leg Raises”
-Plank Knees to Elbow
-Russian Twists (weighted)
-Back Extensions

And my super delightful dinner  …Giant had a sale on Salmon and Scallops… oh and I picked up some Zucchini 😀

Zucchini, Salmon, Scallops, Salad  ...and of course wine to go with my fancy dinner

Zucchini, Salmon, Scallops, Salad …and of course wine to go with my fancy dinner

I was so proud of myself, I managed to cook the scallops just right!  I marinaded the scallops in a blend of olive oil, minced garlic, fresh lemon juice, melted butter, salt, pepper and parsley for about 20 minutes.  Cooked the scallops for 3 minutes on each side and droooooool.  I was so scared I would overcook them because I am no Chef Boy-R-Dee.   I know, most of your are reading this and laughing that fish is super easy and fast to cook, but I consider this a victory for someone who struggles making something good in a crock pot!  So I say SUCK IT pinterest fail! I out0-cooked yo ass last night!  And now that I admitted that I made something tasty, I will probably burn down my kitchen from a grease fire tomorrow evening.

Moving on….Aside from wanting to cry every night because of my work life and how much I do not enjoy my current scenario (but thankful I have a job) I have been questioning if I should join the 24 hour gym right up the street from me or not.  As of right now after about a 2 month debate I’m leaning towards yes.  But my main reason I am hesitant to join is that I have a perfectly good gym at my work for FREE.  Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free right? But here’s the pisser of it:  The gym hours are very limited in accordance with my lifestyle.  I am not nor will I ever be an early morning workout person.  I get out of work between 4 and 4:30  which means if I go directly after work, the gym is PACKED with everyone else that gets off at the same time.  Usually I just go home and nap and try to get up in enough time to give myself an hour and 15 minute workout time … depending upon traffic and the 20 minutes it normally takes to get back on base I usually have just over one hour before the gym closes at 8.  Usually the post work  workout crowd is dwindling off but there have been some nights (especially new years) when it’s still packed.  There have been plenty of times when the staff is going around saying the gym is closing in 5 minutes and I so badly wish I had about 15-30 minutes extra.

Now let me explain a few things.  Currently I  live in a house by myself, no kids, no pets.  My obligation when I get home from work is complete free time from the world.  I realize that the moms and pet owners out there are probably rolling their eyes that I’m questioning the use of a FREE gym because it does not fit around my work and napping lifestyle.  I know ..first world problems right?!

Anyways–So to add another reason why this is completely ridiculous that I’m thinking about PAYING for a gym instead of continuing to go the the free one is that the gym is nice and big, and it has everything and more as far as weights, machines, and accessories that I utilize during my workouts.  Heck if I ever felt like it, there are some classes that the free gym offers as well!  And on a side note, the gym is a military base gym so some of the stuff is kind of old and rusty, and actually there are some REAL smelly rooms..the air ventilation is poor in some areas as well.  :-/

So I guess we will do a pro and con list:

Pros of Free Gym:
-Great Equipment
-Did I mention Free?

-20 minute drive if I head home from work first and decide to work out later in the night
-Very Limited hours in accordance with my lifestyle
-Crowded up through the last hour of the evening

Now onto the 24 hour gym.  The idea of joining this gym began because my bf belongs to this same 24 hour gym in his home town.  The perk of having a membership here is that you can go to any 24 hour fitness gym, you’re not bound to your home gym only.  His gym is twice as awesome as the gym which is right up the street from me (less than a half mile). But the gym up the street from me has all the necessary equipment I use.  The gyms are clean as well and do not smell of stinky sweaty man.  No rusty equipment either.  Mainly I’ve considered joining because I come home from work and nap for a ridiculous amount of time every day.  I blame my long naps on my I guess we can call it “work depression.” I’ve gone into the work subject before, but as I’ve mentioned, it’s starting to take a toll on me physically,  I can feel myself getting lulled during the day and all I want to do is sleep and forget about the day for at least an hour when I get home.  Usually by the time I wake up I’m cutting it close to get to the gym in enough time to get an hours worth of a workout.  If I joined the 24 hour gym, I could take my time waking up  and take my time at the gym since it never closes. I could actually eat dinner before 9pm!  Plus the perk of going later I will not hit the 5 o clock gym crowd.  So another perk would be that coming home from work, not only do I feel rushed to get back to my work location (because that’s where my gym is) but I’m in walking distance to the gym, no gas required! That shaves off yet another 20 minutes of driving (and gas $$) to and from.

So all of the pros, but some of cons would be that I’m paying for a membership which I have not been doing for 2 years now,  I think it’s around $50 a month?  eeek.  Also, I am someone who needs a hint of structure in their life in order to keep me on my toes.  A couple of years ago I had a membership to a different 24 hour gym. It was right up the street…a little further than the distance of the gym I want to join now.  Basically I kept telling myself once I woke up from my nap I’d go to the gym.  My naps got longer and my workouts became non existent.  I always thought,  eh I could go later.  Later never happened.   I’m afraid of getting in this mindset again however I am in a different place as far as my daily workouts are concerned in comparison to this stage of my life right out of college. So hopefully the freedom /flexibility of going each day will not become an issue.

After talking with my boyfriend and my mother last night I’m pretty sure (like 99%) sure I’m going to join.  Not just yet though. I think i’m going to wait at least until after my race when I will back in the full swing of my gym time.  Right now I’m only going to the gym about 2-3 times per week because I’m training for my 10 mile run.  After this race (and believe me I can’t wait!) I’m excited to get back into throwing some weights around 4-5 days per week!

Pros of Joining:
-24 hour access, no time limits!
-I can attend this gym at any location if I am a member, I’m not limited to one location
-Clean and does not smell!
-Walking Distance from my house
-Workout in a different location from where I work…not a mental rut of headed to the same location wehere I JUST WAS for 8 hours earlier that day.

-$50 a month
-Fear of becoming lazy and never going because there is no close time
-The gym location closest to me is a smaller location and does not offer classes


AAAHHH decisions!!!   Well I’m kind of excited  I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking the plunge soon. But one step at a time…


Well its 2:30 and I need to get back to being productive at work.


Now it’s time to turn the tables to you readers.  What do you look for when deciding upon a gym membership?  If you had the choice to use a free gym at your work location that’s pretty dirty and smelly  versus a clean gym that you pay reasonable monthly membership price for which would you choose?

Have a great weekend!!





I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  For starters,  thanks to all who serve (present and past).

A little weekend recap:

For the first time in 8 years, I -Nar, did NOT go to Ocean City Maryland for Memorial Day weekend.  Instead I ventured off with the bf to VA Beach.  It was a such a different feel and in a good way! For once I felt refreshed and relaxed after the weekend. So word of warning, I’m just going to post some pictures to sum up the weekend instead of explaining ever single photo.  How about that?


Oscar the tag along

Oscar the tag along dog

Singapore Sling  and home made eggrolls

Singapore Sling and home made eggrolls

Home made lobster salad

Home made lobster salad

So fresh and so clean garden veggies

So fresh and so clean garden veggies

VA Beach ...a wee bit chilly to sport a bathingsuit

VA Beach …a wee bit chilly to sport a bathingsuit

So there you have it.  Basically my weekend consisted of walks along the beach, home made delicious food, and matching delightful drinks to go with it! 😀

I had a GREAT workout last week that I will gladly share as well:

We can title this, “The 25er”

You complete 25 reps of the listed exercises below.  You jump rope 25 “double jumps” in-between each exercises
*Modification for Jump Rope Double Unders:  30 seconds of “running” motion jump rope

-Jog: .25 of a mile, Jump Rope: 25 double unders
-25 x single leg lunges (25 lunges per leg), Jump Rope: 25 double unders
-25 x Squat, jump rope: 25 double unders
-25 x Push-Ups, jump rope: 25 double unders
-25 x Front Squat, jump rope: 25 double unders
-25 x DB Curls, jump rope: 25 double unders
-25 x Overhead Squats, jump rope: 25 double unders
-25 x Dips, jumpe rope: 25 double unders
-25x squat jumps, jump rope: 25 double unders
-25x lateral lifts, jump rope: 25 double unders
-25 x box jumps, jump rope: 25 double unders
-25 x pull ups, lay jump rope down on floor: 1 jump to the left side,  1 jump to the right side = 1 rep,  x 25 reps
-25 x back extension, 25 x side to side jumps over jump rope
-25 x plank position alternating knees to elbows, 25x side to side jumps over rope
-25 x overhead medicine ball lean left, lean right = 1 rep, 25 x side to side jumps over rope
-25 x lying leg lifts (feet together), 25 x side to side jumps over rope
-25 x sit ups, 25x side to side jumps over rope

I dare you not to sweat on this…..


Memorial Day I did a 10 mile run on a trail somewhere in the rockville/silver spring area.  It was pretty flat but I managed to run at an average speed so I was happy!  Not too far off from my race in 2 weeks! 😀

Oh yeah, last but not least–my dinner from last night:



The bf’s parents sent us home with tons of leftovers.  Me being the veggie lover I am, and my bf being the super thoughtful person he is gave me the bag of veggies.  So here’s what in that piled up bowl:

-various lettuce (sour leaf, green leaf, mint leaves)
-red swiss chard
-yellow  tomato
-orange bell pepper
-ground beef
-1 fried egg
-fresh squeezed lemon juice from 1/2 a lemon
-Olive oil
– salt and pepper to taste


That’s all I have for now!  Happy Wednesday!






Pandora’s Horrible Box

It’s Fridaaaaaaayyyy!!!  And it’s not raining!!! Or Cold!!!! In MARYLAND!!  Oh right, but I’m locked down to this cube farm for about 6 more hours *humph*

I hope everyone is having a great week.  I am definitely stoked about my run after work today for two reasons:

1.) I’m no longer at the mercy of Pandora’s playlist picks for music when I run

2.) The weather that I mentioned in my opening line (exclamation points included)

***************************Long Boring Story Leading Up To Why I’ve Been Stuck With Pandora For The Past Year************************

I have a long drawn out story for you if you feel like reading:  I have owned a total of 4 Apple products in my life (2 nanos, 1 iPod touch, and currently the iPhone 4s).  Back when I decided to upgrade from my 2nd Nano to the iPod touch, I tried to do what any normal young 20 something would do when they receive an upgraded product: try to load all iTunes nano files onto iPod touch.  What I thought was a fairly painless process turned out to be the 2nd largest disappointment of my life –finding out Santa was not real would still hold the #1 spot.

Back to the iTunes:  so I hooked up my iPod touch to my computer with the mindset that iTunes will detect a new Apple device and ask what exactly I want to do with this thing.  So as expected I get a message from iTunes saying that it detected a new device and ‘ok’ed’ my way through the standard new software/new device setup.  After this was completed and before I decided to load my files on to my new iPod, I thought it’d be best if I synced the nano first–why I found this was necessary when I think back back now, I have no clue.  So I remove the iPod and hook up the nano, “sync in progress” it reads on iTunes.  Once it was finished synching, I received a pop-up reading something along the lines of “which device would you like to be your ‘main’ device?”.  So I selected the iPod Touch and up came another pop-up: “would you like to sync and restore your device?”  Obviously not logically thinking this through, I decided that “yes” would be the correct answer.  A red flag should have popped in my head when I received an immediate following pop-up: “are you sure?” … “yes” I clicked.  And in about 30 seconds, my 300 some song filled itunes library was completely blank.  I didn’t know whether to cry or scream out of sadness and anger.  So for the past 3 years, karma has bit me in the butt as I may have used other forms of music download sites in the past and let’s just say I saved a lot of money. But ever since my delete extravaganza, I’ve had to buy each and every single song that is on my current itunes … sad I cry dollar signs.

Fast forward to now, my iPod touch is on it’s last leg which currently is the device which holds all of my songs, and I have my iPhone, which up until Wednesday,  I had yet to plug in to my computer via the USB cord and go through the new apple device setup in iTunes.  I have avoided doing this for so long mainly in fear that I would delete all of my songs again (which were paid for by my hard earned money).  Oh yeah, and that thing called laziness 😀

Now I’m not sure how much I have shared about my runs lately, but each and every one of them this past month has SUCKED! They sucked SO BAD I just wanted to stop dead in my tracks, sit down indian style on the sidewalk and scream “I FEEL LIKE A HEFFER!!!”  Of course I was adding fuel to the fire because I decided to download the RunKeeper app (it’s Fo Free!) and it likes to read your pace every 1/2 mile.  Any runners out there know that if you’re having a bad run, the last thing you want to do is hear how slow you are at EVERY 1/2 mile.  On top of the the slow sally pace,  and at the mercy of Pandora selecting which songs play during my workouts, Pitbull Radio was NOT in my favor.  It seems when I go to the gym and lift weights, I don’t necessarily NEED a specific beat speed, the best running songs come on.  When I run, or do cardio, all of the lamest slowest and dumbest songs that I DESPISE (even after hitting the thumbs down button multiple times) decide to play back-to-back-toback-to-back.

What I feel like after my runs recently  >:(

What I feel like after my runs recently 😡

Well, after my UBER slow run Monday night, I started questioning why I was so MIZZerable during my runs, as usually warm weather running makes me feel awesome.  For starters, Maryland’s April weather has been like an emotional teenage girl–unpredictable, cold, and annoying. That right there is enough to make me cuss every step of the way. In addition to that, I never realized just HOW MUCH I am in sync with the music I listen to during a workout.  As I mentioned above, the songs that came on Pandora’s crap radio were slow and lame,  my downloaded running songs on the dying iPod have a faster paced beat, which helps me keep a pace that I am content with.  So after I finished my run (which was FREEZING COLD) I immediate grabbed the usb cord, plugged my iPhone in, registered it, and called my bf who is very tech-savy (bonus!).  He walked me through the steps to load my itunes on my phone and NOT delete them permanently :-D. Needless to say I’m SUPER excited for my run because not only will I be listening to music I like, but it will be to a beat which I will have a better view of just how little or much I can keep up with. I will report back to all of you in another post.

*********************END LONG ITUNES DEVICE SAGA*********************************************************************************

I hate that running is such a mental game for me.  Some days I LOVE it, other days I want to punch it in the face.  Part of my hatred for it, is that I still have it shoved in the back of my head from College Lacrosse days that I have to run until I’m blue in the face at ALL times.  This post college working out for enjoyment VS. 100% give it your all until you can’t breathe is still a learning process for me. It has taken a solid 4-5 years post college experience to really grasp the mentality that the only person I need to compare myself to is myself.  Who cares if I can’t run a mile in a specified amount of time?  Who cares if the person next to me at the gym is running at a faster pace than me?  I’m sure I always will have some sort of mental battle with trying to find a balance to improve my personal goals, versus being frustrated because I can’t run like I used to be able to in High School and College.  For now I just have to keep reminding myself that something is better than nothing on my slow days, and that I have to keep participating in activities which I enjoy, not because I feel I HAVE to.  I’ll have a long drawn out post on that one day.  But not just yet 🙂

So on that note, here’s to hoping that with the return of my running playlist and the weather, I will have a super awesome run today and all will be perfect in the world !   Someone just said Chipotle for lunch… time to ditch youall for a fat kid snack!

One last thing, I see a lot of bloggers have “themes” for specific days of the week.  I think my Friday “Theme” will be “Funny Fridays.”  If I could make an eCard, it’d read, “I’ don’t want to hear your joke, I’ve had enough laughing for the day” -Said No One Ever.  So here’s your Friday Funny (thank you Pinterest:

I dare you to try an not chuckle

I dare you to try an not chuckle

Courtesy of SNL Celebrity Jeopardy Skit.

Have a great weekend!


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