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No Poo Method ….No Shampoo That Is!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday to all.  I’m looking forward to a super fun-filled weekend of kayacking (weather permitting) and gathering with friends!  I’ll try to remember to take some pictures so my blog post will not just be all text as they have been lately.  Let’s begin this post with a workout shall we?  Last night’s workout was completed at the Track.  I was a lazy bum and had to be somewhere so I sucked on the distance part.  But hey, I got out there and did it in this MD heat wave right?  Im sure if anyone reading this is from a southern state, they are laughing at me using the term “heat wave” cuz it’s probably 20 degrees hotter and more humid than what I am dealing with.  We’ve been reaching upper 90’s this past week …. perfect timing for my AC to be broken right?! Back to the workout:

Track Workout
1/2 mile (2 laps) jog warm up

Lap 1
-Sprint 100 meters (one straight away)
-Walk 100 meters (one curve)
-Sprint 50 meters (1/2 straight away)
-Job 50 meters
-40 Walking Lunges (20 lunges per leg)
-Jog the remaining portion of the curve

Lap 2
-Sprint 100 meters
-Walk 100 meters
-Sprint 50 Meters
-Job 50 Meters
-40 plank alternating knees to elbows (20 per side)
-Job 100 meters

5 stadium stairs
Repeat this sequence as many times as you desire.  Alter/Vary the exercises as desired.  For the lunge exercise laps, I also did and additional set of 40 front lunges, 40 backwards walking lunges, and 40 side walking lunges.  For the ab exercises, I also did 40 side plank hip thrusters (20 pers side), 20 lying leg raises, and 40 russian twists (20 per side).  Normally I like to get a mile’s worth of sprints in (1600 meters/ 4 laps) total, but since I was pressed for time I cut it short.   I’m really digging the stadium stair sprints.  If you want to make your legs feel like jello real fast, I recommend incorporating stadium stairs!

Now, onto the blog post Title of “No Poo.”  Thank you to Julie GoLean for introducing me to the Balanced Bites podcast and website.  If you are trying to eat  more natural whole foods, this is a wonderful resource.  I have learned to much from the two women who run the podcast, Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe. Diane focuses more on digestive health (and tends to have a more scientific personality), and Liz  focuses on natural skin care remedies.  Liz and Diane started to get my wheels turning after mentioning in several episdoes that people are always willing to change their diet to have improved health but lots of times people forget that their everyday beauty products which we apply to our skin (which is HIGHLY porous and absorbant ) could very well be another contributor to health issues.  One of the ‘ natural beauty routines’ that Liz promotes in the podcast and on her blog, Cave Girl Eats, is a ‘No-Poo method.’  By no poo, she means a no Shampoo method of washing your hair.

As a girl growing up with rat’s-nest hair, I am always happy to try and affordable “softening, straightening, no frizz” type of ailment.  I have tried many commercial off the shelf affordable products ranging from Frizz-ease, to pantene pro-V, herbal essances, the list goes on.  All of these serums and sprays end with the same result, nothing.  One thing that Liz mentions in regards to the no poo method is that our favorite everyday shampoo  products (cheap to ‘spensif) tend to strip your hair of its natural oils which causes it to dry out and in turn, your scalp over-produces the oil to compensate for the dryness.  Just google “The No Poo Method” and you can read more details and the nerdy science info about bottled shampoo.   My main two reasons for wanting to try out this method is that it’s a HECK of a lot cheaper than buying $7-$10 bottles of mid-grade shampoo AND apparently it’s recomended for people who have dry frizzy curly hair.  I’m always looking for a nappy hair remedy!

The No Poo method is where you use a diluted baking soda ( 1 tbsp baking soda to 1 cup of filtered water) as the shampoo, and you use apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp ACV to 1 cup water) as the conditioner.  It is recommended to put the solution in a spray bottle for an easier application while in the shower.  This is only on recommended ratio. The general consensus of people who have logged their experience with using this no-poo method have said you have to sort of play with the ratios to get it right for your hair.  People also say there is roughly a 1-3 week adjustment period to start noticing results.  I’m going to buy some empty spray bottles tonight since I have both products at home and I will report back to you all on my experience with this method!  Word on the street is that the ACV stank washes right out of your hair.  I will be documenting my process once I start.  I’m hoping to begin this coming Thursday  (I have an appointment which requires me to look appropriate, and from what I’ve heard, the transition period can be rather trying for the look of your hair).

The best part about this experiment? If it does not work, I just go back to my regular shampoo and conditioner routine.  Baking soda and apple cider vinegar are two super cheap items… I’m anticipating that the spray bottles will cost more!

One other experiment I will be dabbling with is a coconut oil cleansing method to wash my face.  Again, there are lots of products which have chemicals and additives which you can not pronounce … I’m starting to lean towards the side of, if you can’t pronounce it then it’s probably not good for you.  Apparently you take a damp wash cloth over your face to (i hate this word) “moisten” your skin.  Take a dime sized amount of coconut oil and massage on your face.  Then take the damp washcloth and massage it off.    We shall see how this turns out!  I’m  guessing just like other acne medications that there is a “trial” period where your skin my go crazy but then be fine after the adjustment period.


I’ll keep you all posted on my hippy method attempts at cleansing!


Have you ever tried any “natural” beauty routines?  If so, what was it and how did it turn out??

Peace Sign

Love and Peace from the Beast,



White Girl Problems #1


Sorry I did not post last week, I was a Super Debbie Downer and I decided to put down the laptop before I complained and brought my negativity into the blog world.  In a nutshell of last week, I got a “we went with someone else for the position” email after I had an interview  and it was for a job I REALLY wanted. But that sucks, such is life.  I keep hoping the phrase “he has something better in mind” is what is in the works.  Anyone know how to get a job with the National Institutes of Health?  I am trying to get back into the health administration business field but NOT in a medical office..been there done career ladder.

My workouts last week were all “going through the motions” as my mind was just super disappointed so unfortunately the only workout from last week worth sharing (barely worth) is this quick little guy which was great for Friday in the middle of my work day.  You know that phrase, “something is better than nothing?” this workout is a practice of that phrase:

2.5 mile run total:

After first 1/4 mile: 30 body weighted squats

After second quarter mile: 20 push ups  (I kind of suck at push ups so I alternated  between doing 5 on my knees, then 5 full ones to get to 20)

After third 1/4 mile: 20 Plank Knees to Elbows (Get into a plank push-up position,  bring right knee into elbow keeping left leg on the ground, then alternate bringing left knee to elbow, keeping right foot on the ground.  One right knee to elbow and one left knee to elbow =1 rep)

Continue this circuit until your desired distance.  … I had to get back to work and was not trying to stay later than I had to so 2.5 miles did the trick.

Now onto this week’s workouts and food.

Monday was spaghetti squash with ground turkey  and ZUCCHINI!!!  I forgot that it’s now summer here and it’s in season!! This is definitely one of my favorite veggies of all time.  Pan-cooked with a dash of steak seasoning ..can’t get any better 😉  Sorry i do not have a picture of this food as I ate it all …really fast…before I thought to take a snap shot.

Workout was a leg lifting night:

1500m Row warm up

20 (10 each leg) walking lunges (holding weight over head: 4 sets

Squats:  5 sets:  12, 12, 10, 8,8,

Deadlifts: 5 sets:  12, 12, 10, 8, 6

Leg Curls: 4 Sets: 12, 10, 8, 8

Leg Lifts: 4 sets: 12, 10, 8, 8

Abs: Hanging knees to elbows,  3 x 10

I was going super heavy on the lifting,  hence only 5 exercises 😦  but dang if i did not feel those deadlifts the next day!  It was awesome!!

And finally, last night’s circuit workout  which was AWESOME:

Row 2000m Warm Up

The Circuit:

Kettlebell Squat High Pull  (source from youtube)

-Jump Rope (single leg jumps): 25 jumps left leg, 25 jumps right leg

-Push Ups

-Box Jumps

Push Press (source from youtube)



Kettlebell Swings (source from youtube)

First Circuit = 25 reps per exercises , Second Circuit = 15 reps per exercise, Third Circuit = 8 reps per exercise

Now I realize I was completing this circuit in the gymnasium basketball court room where they only open the doors (no AC), so automatically I was sweating, but here is what i looked like after the workout:

Attractive Stomach Sweat

Attractive Stomach Sweat

I sweat so bad, I even had it on the TOP of my shoulders on the t-shirt:



uhh ..yeah.  Definitely was like a wet dog. Oh yeah and two free advertisements:  JMU Lacrosse  heeeyyooooo thats an old practice shirt from my college days.  That poor shirt has seen the sweatiest, and dirty gym stank of all times (it’s about 9 years old).  It’s one of my favorites, if you can’t see the color fade.  And second advertisement woule be the lululemon headband.  I look bald when I wear it because the band is so thick, but I LOVE that my hair FINALLY stays out of my face!!   I think one of my previous posts I had mentioned that I do not have “whispies” on the side of my head, but rather lanky teenage middle length hair: not long enough to get pulled back in the ponytail but too long for a po-dunk headband to keep the hair out of my eyes.  If you have the same hair whispie problems that I do, I HIGHLY recommend this headband:  Bang Buster Headband

After my workout ( and a big ol’ shower ) I made dinner:  Boring lame Salmon, roasted kale, and sliced tomato.  .  Remember when I said I was in love with zucchini?? Tomato would be my second favorite veggie (ahem ‘fruit’) of the summer.

the dinner

the dinner

So that about catches me up with the workouts for now.  I apologize that I have been in such a rut about my career life ..its starting to take a toll on my non-work life aka the blogging.  Its a continued emotional rollercoaster for me.  Hopefully something positive will come my because I am totally going through a quarter life crisis right now.  I am freaking out that where I am right now is all I will ever amount to.  I don’t need to be a VIP of some company, but I myself need to have more self worth, and where I am right now is not doing the trick.  I’m frustrated that I feel like I should be way more ahead of the game than where I am.  I feel like my job makes me question why I bothered going to college.  I question if I will break free of this admin assistant role ever.  Everything seems to dead end right now.  Does it get better? Or is this as good as it gets? And I stress this, I know this paragraph is me complaining about first world problems, i have a loving family (do not come from a divorce situation either), I have a fabulous boyfriend, I can financially support myself, I am healthly and have 4 functioning limbs, great friends, and overall have a great life outside of work. So I say that I am grateful for the life that I am blessed with, however is it wrong to want to or rather KNOW that I can do better in my career life?  So I apologize that I’m complaining about something so insignificant to what I’m sure most of the blogging community that reads this and thinks, “uhhh white girl problems, poor little suburban girl WITH a Job, Happy Family, Healthy Life, NO tradgedy is whining because she simply does not LIKE what she is doing”  Most people have a ‘my story’ on their blog, …well this is mine.  I title it, ” HELP! I’m an Average Bored Suburbs Chick With No Direction”  I hope this is just a rut, but I’ve been feeling this way for well over a year now.

Are there any other bloggers out there in their 20’s (or when they were in their 20’s) that felt this way? Like they were trapped in this routine unfulfilling lifestyle? How did you break free?  Are you still feeling that way now that you’re older? Please share your stories! Itd be comforting to know that I’m not alone …or am i??

Meeehhhhh Monday


Since its Monday and I have my game face on, let’s treat this blog post like a sweet mullet:  business up front, party in the back (last).

Business:  Workout Catch-Up

Tuesday: Weighted Plyo, was pressed for time and had to fit in everything just under 1 hour.

Now I have to remember what I did…crap!  Uhhhhh I know it’s in the back of my brain somewhere…just give me a couple more minutes and it will come back to me…AH! there it is:

-Warm Up: Row for 5 mins

Round 1 (complete circuit 4 times)
-BB Deadlift: 10 reps
-Burpees with jump at the end: 10
-BB Hip Thrusters: 10  Video Demo
-Alternating Toe Touches with Step: 20 each leg
*Get step bench. Put on ground. Start with right foot on top of bench platform, left foot on floor.  In a hopping motion switch leg positions so left foot is now on top of bench platform and right foot is on ground.  1 toe touch on the bench from the left, and 1 toe touch on the bench from the right =1 rep

Round 2 (complete circuit 3 times)
-Pull-Ups (using assisted machine cuzzzz I still can’ barely do one pull up unassisted): 10 reps
-Dips (using assisted machine): 10 reps
-DB “a$$ to grass” Squats: 15 reps

Round 3 (complete circuit 3 times)
-Hanging Knee Tucks to ribs (hang with arms above, do not use the back and arm rest) :10 reps
-Weighted Side bends: 10 reps

Wednesday: 7 mile run …another turtle paced run.

I out-smarted my Run-Keeper app this time by turning off the half mile/ 5 minute reminders of how sluggish I was moving-WIN! I decided to not only take the “hilly” course for my run, but I also continued straight where I usually turn right. There are two GIGANTIC hills that were added to the other hills I tend to go through on this route. Was not as rough as I thought it would be. The worst part about the run was that my turnaround point was right in front of the KFC/Taco Bell building. I love me some fat kid snack aromas, but in the midst of profuse sweating and thigh clapping, the last smell I want going up my nose would be Colonel Sander’s Kitchen making babies with Seniorita 4th Meal. Anyone else pass food joints that you normall think smell delicious but on their runs get completely turned off at the aroma of the building when passing by?

Thursday: Shoulders/Triceps/Abs Straight Weights

Warm Up: 10 min Row
-Machine Chest Press: 3x 15, 12, 8
-Plank hold for 30 secs in between sets
-Incline BB bench press: 3 x 15, 10, 8
-Hold Plank Position on Med Ball, Alternate brining knee to elbow, 1 left, 1 right = 1 rep, 10 reps (do in between incline bench set)
-BB Shoulder Press: 3x 15, 10, 8
-Lying Leg Lifts: 3 x 15 (do in between BB Shoulder Press)
-Chest Flies: 3x 12, 10, 8
-Weight Side to Side Bends: 3 x 15 (do in between chest flies set)
-Overhead Tricep Extensions: 3 x 12, 8, 6
-Overhead Hanging Knee Tucks: 3 x 10 -in between tri extension
-Token Tricep Extension (kneeling on bench one arm at a time ) – 3 x 10
-Tricep Bench Dips (with weight in lap): 3 x 10
-Cable Tricep Extensions: 3x 12, 10, 8

Sooo now it’s the party in the back time:

Friday was rather low key, I did just about absolutely nothing. The highlight of my day was ordering this giant headband which I’m sure will emphasize my clown look in the gym:

big-ol headband

big-ol headband


Ummm Saturday was lovely, I went out to buy mother’s day stuff.  I have a confession to make, I did a horrible thing Saturday.  You see, earlier in the week I was browing the card section for a Mother’s Day card.  One of the cards I picked up and read had a GREAT message in it which is rare these days..buuuut the card was $5.99.  😡   it was not even pretty! It had this awful color scheme with HORRIBLE flowers on it.  Soooooo I may have snapped a pic of the message and went to michaels and made my own card……  it looked MUCH better my way 😀


Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there.  Hope you felt appreciated and had a nice relaxing day.  My dad took al lof the pictures at our family affair so I do not have any pictures to post.  I need to take more pictures.

Ok well my life is boring to blog about lately I apologize… so here are some funny pictures:

I love redneck jokes

I love redneck jokes

pizza wind


…. you can find all of these lovlies and more on



Ok thanks for reading.   Here’s my question to anyone reading my boring diary:

What is your hair accessory/product of choice to keep your strands back during a workout?








Giant Slice of Pizza with a Workout Catch UP

Hello Everyone,

Since my last post, I apologize that up until Saturday, nothing too eventful happened that I felt was necessary to share.  But now that the weekend has passed, I will gladly give you all a reflection starting with some workouts I enjoyed.

Wednesday – Plyo Day

Round 1
10 Minutes as many rounds as possible:
Hang Clean with Front Squat – 10 reps
Lateral Medicine Ball Jumps – 10 reps each leg
Push-Ups – 10 reps
Bench Dips – 10 reps

Round 2 (repeat set 5 times)
Hang Clean and Press – 20 reps
Box Jumps – 20 reps
Push-Ups – 5 reps

Round 3 (repeat set 3 times)
Hanging Leg Raises (legs together) – 15 reps
Side Plank Left – 30 seconds
Side Plank Right – 30 seconds

Apparently I still have some sensitive spots on my rather “weathered” hands because I noticed this annoyance when I was leaving:

Pain in the Booty!

Pain in the Booty!

Thursday I had a happy hour after work with some employees.  Lucky for me I live exactly 3 miles from the  “Main Street” area of my suburbia town which was where the happy hour was being held.  The weather was nice (0r so I thought) so I figured it’d be an ideal opportunity to get a 6 mile run in for the evening.  The run to the bar was nice because the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze.  The run home was not so ideal since the sun went down and the wind picked up :-$.  Dang Maryland!  Regardless, I was happy I managed to squeeze in 6 miles that day.Friday took and interesting turn.  I managed to get a solid 7 hours of sleep the night before, which has been very rare ever since I told you all about going into work a tad earlier.  I woke up feeling refreshed, ready to get the work day over with and  get my weekend started. I brought my gym clothes with me in excitement to do a weighted plyo workout.  11 am rolled around and I was hungry.  I decided to microwave a sweet potatoe.  The sweet potatoe did not cook all the way through so there were a couple of hard spots right smack in the center.  I’ve made the mistake of eating raw sweet potatoe before and wanting to die of nasea and acid-reflux type symptoms.  So I thought I would be smart and discard the very hard spots.  Well after eating the majority of what I thought were the “safe” mushy parts of the baked potatoe, I started to get a feeling of nausea settling in.  Uh ohj.  About 2 hours worth of wanting to throw up and chug a gallon of milk to add a base to the acidic feeling in my upper rib cage, it all disappeared.  Needless to say I was not too hungry to eat anything for the remainder of the work day.  Enter work out.  I still was not hungry, but I could definitely feel that this workout needed to be quick because I was losing energy FAST.  Enter Workout:

Friday Quickie:
Repeat 5 times:
-Jump Rope for 1 minutes
-20 Body Weighted Squats
-5 Walking Lunges each leg
-Walking High Kneees
-Walking Butt Kicks

Set of 30, Set of 20, Set of 10:
-BarBell Push Press
-Box Jumps
-Push Ups
-Sit Ups

Last Workout Post:


3 Rounds:
-BarBell Squats-24 reps
-Push-24 reps
-DB Walking Lunges – 24 reps (12/leg)
-Box Jumps-24

1 Giant Set of 20 Reps per Exercise:
-Bosu ball toe touches: Place a bosu ball (flat side on the ground). Start with right foot on top center of bosu, left foot on the floor. All in one motion, switch leg positions so that your left foot ends on the top cetner of the bosu, and the right foot on the floor. One right foot touch to the center followed by one left foot touch to the center equals one rep.  (20 reps total). If you ever played soccer, consider this a “toe touch” drill.
-KettleBell Swings
-Bosu ball toe touches
-Overhead Squats
-Bosu Ball Toe Touches
-Bosu Ball Toe Touches
-Hang Clean and Squat
-Bosu Ball Toe Touches
-Assisted Pull-Ups
-Bosu Ball Toe Touches

Fun fact about the pull-ups.  I was feeling rather rambunctious and decided to see just how difficult it would be to do an unassisted pull-up.  I gave it a whirl and was actually able to do one full pull-up!  I got about 1/2 way up on my second one and got stuck.  I have not been able to do an unassisted pull up since 5th grade.  I was rather excited to reach that milestone once again.

Saturday my friends and I were down in the DC area for a 5k on Sunday Morning.  My boyfriend was nice enough to put up with these Shenanigans in the car:


Flood Ready


Around 1:30 we were all feeling old and decided we should go to bed since we had to get up early the next morning for our 5k.  But before we turned in, we decided to get a ‘little’ slice of pizza:

Giant Pizza

Oh and by little I meant a slice of pizza on steroids. It was delicious haha.

Sunday we had our 5k run, and then a lot napping.  My lovely boyfriend was nice enough to make me dinner before I left for the day:

Sunday DinnerFinally, I went grocery shopping a 9 last night (yes I love late night grocery shopping because you don’t have to dodge all the mommys with their strollers) I picked up some of these guys:  KombuchaThis is my new favorite drink.  It’s like carbonated iced tea…well actually it’s fermented tea if we ‘re going to decribe its true form.  It almost tastes like a hard cider  …which is funny, I don’t like hard cider. But  I do like this stuff!  I encourage you all to give Kombucha a whirl … it’s not for everyone, but you’re either gonna love it or hate it.

Thats all for now.  Does anyone else enjoy late night grocery shopping? If so, what for?


Life B****ing and Moaning…Sorry It Helps

Hi There,

So to re-cap on my workouts from last week, I did this Wednesday

Warm-Up : 1500m Row

2 Sets of 25 Reps:
-Box jumps
-KB Swings
-Walking Weighted Lunge
-Plank position knees to elbows
-Push Press
-Back Extensions
-Jump rope (1minute)

Friday I did a 6 mile interval run- Each Mile: run 1/2 mile, sprint 1/4 mile, walk.05 of a mile, job .20.

I did this Saturday:

I did a workout from  Under the female transformations, I found Megan Ruane’s Leg Workout.  I was NOT feeling this workout at all. But I was happy I plugged through it and didn’t give up on myself.

Yesterday (Monday) was supposed to be a “long run” night for me –9 miles.  I had another crappy run last night.  Enough about that ish.

If anyone has caught a trend, my workouts ..especially my runs have been REALLY crappy lately.  I am definitely in some sort of ‘funk.’  Now it’s a matter of trying to put my finger on what exactly is causing the problem…. the not so fun part. I know there are at least 4 factors which I’m sure are not helping the cause of my “workout funk.”

1.) Work.  I’m not in a good place right now with my career life.  To spare you the intimate details, I feel like this on daily basis:



Picture source

As many people agree, when you start to feel like the above picture towards your job on a daily basis, it can be very detrimental to your mental and physical health.  I know it’s getting bad when the one thing I look forward to during the day (my workout) is starting to mentally become a chore and no longer a stress reliever when I  get off of work.

2.) Sleeping habits and patterns: Because of bullet #1, I have decided to go into the office as early as my job ‘allows ‘(7:30 instead of 8) so I can get out earlier.  This means I’m waking up a half hour earlier than normal (6:30 instead of 7am).  For someone who loves their sleep, this has been a rather trying adjustment for me. Unfortunately I need to be more strict about my bed time. As I still go to bed at the same time I was before I started heading in tad earlier for work.  Of course this only causes me to want to nap more often and longer throughout the day.

3.) Weather.  Maryland’s spring season this year SUCKS! We all know how crappy weather affects a fair weather runner 😉

4.) Diet change.  I have recently reduced a huge portion of grain/wheat/starch based carbohydrates out of my food ….some would say this is a “Paleo,” “Primal,” or “Caveman”  catered food plan if you want more information regarding this diet.  I have found that one of the benefits of eating this way is that it’s a huge relief on your gut and bloating.  Before eating this way, I followed a loose bodybuilding diet guideline.  This was a high protein and healthy carbs and veggies based diet.  I always assumed that the dairy and veggies I was consuming was the reasoning behind my bloating and gut discomfort throughout the day.  I never thought that the fibrous carbohydrates in the form of wheat and grain could be a factor.  My body -especially my gut, is definitely thanking me for having a more veggie, meat, and healthy fats -focused diet versus the bland bodybuilding diet.  Because of the reduced carbohydrate intake and reduced sugar intake, I question if this is taking a toll on my energy for my longer distance running.


 So those are some of my complaints about life right now 🙂 thanks for entertaining the thought of reading through all of that crap.

Before my sour-puss self leaves you all for the day, I would like to share this flavorful salad and dinner I made yesterday:



-Chopped Mint leaves
-Chopped Basil
-Chopped Cilantro
-Chopped Orange Bell Pepper
-Chopped Cucumber
-Chopped Radishes
-Bean Sprouts
-Leftover home made guac from my Saturday Night game night
Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch (can be found in Whole Foods) ….buy it. don’t question it, don’t sample it, just buy it. Any flavor. You won’t regret it. I promise.

Dinner -Roasted Kale -Ground Beef w/Mushrooms and Onions -Avocado -Egg -Tessemae's Hot Sauce


-Roasted Kale
-Ground Turkey cooked with Mushrooms and Onions
-Sliced Avocado
-Fried Egg cooked in Coconut Oil.

Wow. I feel a little better already getting all of those inner thoughts out on the internet. 😛

Anyone else out there ina workout funk?  What do you do to try and get out of your funk?


Happy Friday Workout

Happy Friday!

Anyone else counting down the minutes until 4:30pm?   I wanted to share my workout from Wednesday because it was just SUPAH-SWEATY!

If anyone actually reads this, I will give you an overview of what my  training schedule consists of throughout the week:

Mondays: Run

Tuesdays: Lifting-no cardio

Wednesdays: Weighted Plyo

Thursdays: Off

Friday: Run

Saturday: Weights and Plyo

Sunday: Off

I usually weight lift 3-4 times per week but for now I run twice per week because I’m registered for the Baltimore 10 miler in June.   Technically you could say that I’m “training” for this race but that would be a lie.  I’m an EXTREME fair-weather runner (pun intended) and Maryland has decided that it wants to be crappy during the spring months.  Crappy weather = No running for this girl.

Wednesday, I did a weighted plyo type of workout.  My t-shirt was soaked in sweat at the end, I loved it.


Jump Rope (total of 5 minutes)

After 1st minute, do 15 Body Weighted (BW) Squats, 10 BW walking lunges each leg, 10 walking high knees each leg
After 2nd minute, 10 BW Squats, 10 Walking Lunges each leg, 10 walking high kneees, 10 walking butt kicks
After 3rd minute, 10 walking high knees, 10 walking butt kicks
After 4th minute, 10 leg swings front and back, 10 leg swings side-to-side
After 5th minute, freelance stretch

Set #1
(3 Rounds total)

1st Round= 25 reps per exercise, 2nd round = 20 reps per exercise, 3rd round= 15 reps per exercise
-Jump Rope for one minute
-Box Jumps
-Hand Release Push-Ups Demo Video
-Mountain Climbers (each leg)

Perform 5 Rounds Total:

-Jump Rope for 1 minute
-Deadlift x 15 Demo Video
-Kettlebell Swings x 15  Demo Video
-Single Leg Split Squats x 15 each leg Demo Video

I fo sho had the post-workout endorphine high that fitness fanatics boast about.

Today I’m going to do a run on my lunch break :
6 mile run interval
each mile–  run for 1/2 mile, sprint 1/4 mile,  jog 1/4 mile

If anyone decides to give the workout a go, let me know what you think?

Oh and yeah and I forgot to mention, I’m one of these running clowns:

My Vibrams!

My Vibrams!

I feel like a little hippy when I run in these.  And if there is a piece of equipment to make running more fun or interesting, I’m all about it.

Anyone else out there a Toe Shoe Runner? What are you thoughts about running in Toe Shoes?

Hope you all have a great weekend 😀 and keep praying for Boston ❤


Truckin On Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone (insert echo)

First off, my thoughts and prayers go out too all families affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing which occurred yesterday.

I definitely had one of those ‘going through the motions’ days.  I had a rough time emerging from my bed couch this morning (yes, I passed out watching Friends on Nick at Night).  I managed to get in at 7:30 which is always a good feeling because that means I get to leave at 4 instead of 4:30.  It was a slow day at work so I did lots of browsing on one of my favorite time killing websites: Pinterest.  I naturally pinned some jewelry and clothing which I will never buy for myself but will gladly accept if anyone wants to donate to the ‘Lauren Has No Taste in Style or Accessories’ Fund 😀



After window shopping for things I can’t afford, I thought I’d get my eat on.  Today’s menu included some of the following:

breakfast concoction

Breakfast Concoction: 2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, chopped basil, onions, mushrooms, avocado, and some Goya Salsa Verde Medium.  Oh and how can I forget the three fantastic cups of coffee I chugged to go with it?  Wegman’s Hawaiian Coconut Ground Coffee is the beverage of choice for now.  Saw that awesome flavor the other night and decided to plop that into my shopping cart, I regret nothing.



Lunchable Items: Shredded Chicken (slow cooked with Pineapple Salsa and  leftover Chicken Broth)–you can’t see it bc it’s on the bottom of the plate, half a sweet potato (sharing the other half of the bottom of the plate), baby leaf spinach, broccoli slaw, avocado, coconut shreds, chopped radish, dressed with Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch Sauce.  Thank you  Julie GoLean for the recipe and helping me discover my new obsession with Tessemae’s Sauces.


Leftover Dinner Creation (wine not included): That would be roasted string beans, butternut squash and some ground bison beef all delicately placed in a fine plastic container heated in the most delicate death-defying rays of a microwave.  All of this was tossed in Tessemae’s Hot Sauce and Lemon Chesapeake Sauce.   I can not forget to mention that classy glass of wine to compliment and accentuate the rubber taste of my fake heated dinner.  It is some Bordeaux de bleh blah fancy white wine grandmother so graciously left for me from Easter (unopened).  It’s pretty delightful- has a crisp light pear taste but not sugary at all.  There will definitely be a second glass in my future this evening :).

Somewhere in between the  lunchable and leftover creation dinner I had a protein shake. I’m super sad because I think one of the whey protein powders I am using is causing some SUPER stomach issues.  Not even 10 minutes after I have downed the delicious “dessert” I feel like my stomach is hosting an MMA fight.  More on my dairy issues and protein powder problems in another post.

Once I got home from work I decided to indulge in my daily hour post-work nap.  If it weren’t for naps, I probably would not be able to muster up the energy to work out in the evenings haha.  Once I rolled off my couch and got my lumpy butt to the gym I decided that today was going to be a strict quick lifting session for the flabby man arms:

Warm Up:  Elliptical for 10 mins at a moderate pace

Chest, Biceps, and Triceps Workout:

Super Set:
DB Chest Press – 1x 20, 2x 12
Seated Shoulder Press – 1×15, 2x 10

Super Set:
Cable Cross Overs – 2×12
Single Arm Cable Triceps Extension – 2×10

Super Set:
Seated Bicep Curls: 2×20
Single Arm Standard Triceps Extensions – 2×10

Super Set:
Assisted Pull-Up Machine – 3×10
Assisted Dips – 3×10

Kettl eBell Front Lateral Raise – 3×10

Abs SuperSet:
Hanging Bicycle Individual Leg Extensions – 3×20
Overhead Weighted Side-to-Side Bends: 3×15  (Grasp a weight with both hands and hold weight over your head, stand with legs together and keeping lower body as still as possible bend from side to side (lean left once, lean right once, this equals x1).
Body Weight Side-to-Side twists – 3×20

This workout is definitely not brag-worthy but as always, it feels good to slam some weights around instead of frumping around on my couch for the night.

Hope Everyone has a good rest of what’s left of their Tuesday Night! Before I sign off, I shall leave you all with a “funny”



If anyone is actually reading this thing, any suggestions how to connect better with other bloggers? I’m still learning how this whole blogging process works.  Thanks for the input!


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