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No Poo Method ….No Shampoo That Is!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday to all.  I’m looking forward to a super fun-filled weekend of kayacking (weather permitting) and gathering with friends!  I’ll try to remember to take some pictures so my blog post will not just be all text as they have been lately.  Let’s begin this post with a workout shall we?  Last night’s workout was completed at the Track.  I was a lazy bum and had to be somewhere so I sucked on the distance part.  But hey, I got out there and did it in this MD heat wave right?  Im sure if anyone reading this is from a southern state, they are laughing at me using the term “heat wave” cuz it’s probably 20 degrees hotter and more humid than what I am dealing with.  We’ve been reaching upper 90’s this past week …. perfect timing for my AC to be broken right?! Back to the workout:

Track Workout
1/2 mile (2 laps) jog warm up

Lap 1
-Sprint 100 meters (one straight away)
-Walk 100 meters (one curve)
-Sprint 50 meters (1/2 straight away)
-Job 50 meters
-40 Walking Lunges (20 lunges per leg)
-Jog the remaining portion of the curve

Lap 2
-Sprint 100 meters
-Walk 100 meters
-Sprint 50 Meters
-Job 50 Meters
-40 plank alternating knees to elbows (20 per side)
-Job 100 meters

5 stadium stairs
Repeat this sequence as many times as you desire.  Alter/Vary the exercises as desired.  For the lunge exercise laps, I also did and additional set of 40 front lunges, 40 backwards walking lunges, and 40 side walking lunges.  For the ab exercises, I also did 40 side plank hip thrusters (20 pers side), 20 lying leg raises, and 40 russian twists (20 per side).  Normally I like to get a mile’s worth of sprints in (1600 meters/ 4 laps) total, but since I was pressed for time I cut it short.   I’m really digging the stadium stair sprints.  If you want to make your legs feel like jello real fast, I recommend incorporating stadium stairs!

Now, onto the blog post Title of “No Poo.”  Thank you to Julie GoLean for introducing me to the Balanced Bites podcast and website.  If you are trying to eat  more natural whole foods, this is a wonderful resource.  I have learned to much from the two women who run the podcast, Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe. Diane focuses more on digestive health (and tends to have a more scientific personality), and Liz  focuses on natural skin care remedies.  Liz and Diane started to get my wheels turning after mentioning in several episdoes that people are always willing to change their diet to have improved health but lots of times people forget that their everyday beauty products which we apply to our skin (which is HIGHLY porous and absorbant ) could very well be another contributor to health issues.  One of the ‘ natural beauty routines’ that Liz promotes in the podcast and on her blog, Cave Girl Eats, is a ‘No-Poo method.’  By no poo, she means a no Shampoo method of washing your hair.

As a girl growing up with rat’s-nest hair, I am always happy to try and affordable “softening, straightening, no frizz” type of ailment.  I have tried many commercial off the shelf affordable products ranging from Frizz-ease, to pantene pro-V, herbal essances, the list goes on.  All of these serums and sprays end with the same result, nothing.  One thing that Liz mentions in regards to the no poo method is that our favorite everyday shampoo  products (cheap to ‘spensif) tend to strip your hair of its natural oils which causes it to dry out and in turn, your scalp over-produces the oil to compensate for the dryness.  Just google “The No Poo Method” and you can read more details and the nerdy science info about bottled shampoo.   My main two reasons for wanting to try out this method is that it’s a HECK of a lot cheaper than buying $7-$10 bottles of mid-grade shampoo AND apparently it’s recomended for people who have dry frizzy curly hair.  I’m always looking for a nappy hair remedy!

The No Poo method is where you use a diluted baking soda ( 1 tbsp baking soda to 1 cup of filtered water) as the shampoo, and you use apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp ACV to 1 cup water) as the conditioner.  It is recommended to put the solution in a spray bottle for an easier application while in the shower.  This is only on recommended ratio. The general consensus of people who have logged their experience with using this no-poo method have said you have to sort of play with the ratios to get it right for your hair.  People also say there is roughly a 1-3 week adjustment period to start noticing results.  I’m going to buy some empty spray bottles tonight since I have both products at home and I will report back to you all on my experience with this method!  Word on the street is that the ACV stank washes right out of your hair.  I will be documenting my process once I start.  I’m hoping to begin this coming Thursday  (I have an appointment which requires me to look appropriate, and from what I’ve heard, the transition period can be rather trying for the look of your hair).

The best part about this experiment? If it does not work, I just go back to my regular shampoo and conditioner routine.  Baking soda and apple cider vinegar are two super cheap items… I’m anticipating that the spray bottles will cost more!

One other experiment I will be dabbling with is a coconut oil cleansing method to wash my face.  Again, there are lots of products which have chemicals and additives which you can not pronounce … I’m starting to lean towards the side of, if you can’t pronounce it then it’s probably not good for you.  Apparently you take a damp wash cloth over your face to (i hate this word) “moisten” your skin.  Take a dime sized amount of coconut oil and massage on your face.  Then take the damp washcloth and massage it off.    We shall see how this turns out!  I’m  guessing just like other acne medications that there is a “trial” period where your skin my go crazy but then be fine after the adjustment period.


I’ll keep you all posted on my hippy method attempts at cleansing!


Have you ever tried any “natural” beauty routines?  If so, what was it and how did it turn out??

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